Concentrate only on the process of core strategy building for your trading, we will do all the information gathering and data analysis to help you trade efficiently!

Arbitrage Tracker

Track arbitrage of multiple coins of your choice
  • Currently supports 4 coins(XRP, TRX, XVG, APPC)
  • Track buy-rate, sell-rate of more than 100 exchanges realtime that too after subtracting the trading fees!
  • Coming soon: Receive customized notification for selected coins, exchanges and profit range
Pricing starts from $10/month
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Track PUMP-DUMP of more than 1000 coins by monitoring their volatility in realtime!
  • Exclusive access to 24 hours and 1 hour volatility rankings for top 1000 coins.
  • Email alerts every 15 mins with 20 most and least volatile coins of the past 1 hour.
  • Track volatility of upto 5 coins of your choice! Get notified whenever your favorite coin becomes highly volatile!
Pricing starts from $8/month
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Coin-Pair Addition Notification

Get realtime notification whenever an exchange adds a new coin pair!
  • Unlimited notification throughout the month.
  • Currently supports 10 most popular exchanges
  • We will add support for 40 more exchanges within the next month, early registrants will receive notification for all exchange at the same price!
Pricing starts from $2.25/month
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Exchange Review DB and user feedback

Don't visit multiple websites to check whether an exchange is scam and don't send your coins to a scam exchange any more!
  • Vent all your grudges in one place - we support 126 exchanges.
  • A curated ldatabase of 1000+ exchange reviews from more 20 sources!
  • If you are having problem with withdrawal or if an exchange has simply stolen your coins, give feedback here.
Free for lifetime
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SHUFFLUP Crypto Market Sentiment Index

An Index which will help you track the overall crypto market health REALTIME!
  • Calculated in realtime and takes into account top 100 marketCap coins.
  • Helps to judge whether the overall market is bullish or bearish
  • Compare the profit & loss of your portfolio with the health of the whole market each day
Free for lifetime
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Exchange News Aggregator

Track news about different exchanges in one place!
  • Currently supports 80 exchanges.
  • Aggregates all twitter posts, reddit posts and twitter mentions in one place!
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Exchange status tracker

Track whether an exchnage is accepting new registration or not.
  • Currently supports 40 exchanges.
  • Gets updated once in 24 hours.
  • We will support realtime notification of exchange status such as withdrawal delay, registration status, frozen pairs very soon. Register to get updates!
Pricing coming soon
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