Stole my ETH I had a failed transaction nearly 1.0 ETH . I have been in contact with them for a month now and all they keep telling me to do is to send text and then when i send a text they tell me to send screen shots , when i send screen shots they tell me to send text. I would never recommend using this exchange. They have literally stolen my money. Please be aware of this exchange. This is not FUD this is the honest to god truth!
by  Douglas, 9 Mar 2018
No withdrawals is an exchange luring people in with U.CASH. When you deposit money, there are no issues. But as soon as you want to withdraw the money, you have to verify your e-mail account. That\'s not possible though, since the verification e-mail will never be sent to you. So if you have deposited money into, you will not get them out of that exchange. So what\'s happening is you can use the money as monopoly money, but they won\'t ever see the light of day again. Say goodbye to your money.
by  Konan Diternus, 13 Feb 2018
Do NOT use the btc-alpha exchange They can block your account without explaining why. Do NOT use the service from these scammers.
by  escap2, 24 Sep 2017
I bought a coin here, but I can not log in from the next day. Support correspondence is very slow. The reply is 3 days later. The IP address is rejected. Support is also moderate correspondence. Coins remain in Wallet
by  JOKER0624, 14 Oct 2017
for anyone trying to use this exchange please think twice and stay away! this is a scam exchange full of bots and sell traps. after transferring my ccrb coins to this exchange i then waited a week for many sell orders to be accepted to no avail even tho price action meet every order set! i then decided to withdraw my coins back to my original exchange as something seemed fishy. it has now bin a few days shy of a month waiting for my funds to arrive. iv sent over 6 emails all of which have basically bin ignored, none of my questions answered and all in poor English which again raises red flags. this is for sure a scam exchange as my fund haven\'t even showed up on the blockchain yet!!! if people in this community could help me get this exchange investigated or even shut down i would be great full, im already in communication with the financial ombudsmen
by  dre2017, 3 Feb 2018
It takes days to process the withdrawals, I do not even know if I recover my money I do not really receive support support, neither in Russian nor in English the commissions are low because they do not have support that is the most logical thing.
by  Jese Mazari, 22 Feb 2018
Hello everyone! I trade something on BTC Alpha and i enabled my 2 factors autenticator but by mistake i deleted it from my phone,so i asked them for help to get my coins out but no answer from 5 days !!!!!!
by  Cellini Sol, 15 Feb 2018
Been waiting 20 days for my deposit to reflect. No response from them! They stole my money. Don\'t use them, you will lose your money.
by  JC van der Walt, 19 Mar 2017