They have traffic issues right now, which is normal when an exchange is growing with such a pace like Bibox, you saw that on Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance, KuCoin and on a few other fast growing exchanges. Thats normal & their support is pretty fast. So if you dont receive your founds, just open a ticket and message them and they fix it as soon as they see the email (~10-60 minutes). I guess on Telegram its even faster.
by  Pokermonface1, 6 Jan 2018
i'm now using bibox to trade my czr and arcblock token,as a feedback, i can say its a friendly exchange. the system looks like kucoin and binance but i could say its more easy to use. just a matter that its not yet popular and has a minimal trader too. and advantage of bibox exchange is it has a little withrawal fee unlike other exchange.
by  Mhedz, 8 Mar 2018
This is a SCAM! I made a deposit of some tokens, sold it into ETH. When I tried to withdraw it asked me to add a password. When I tried to withdraw then, they put some kind of 24 hour hold on it. Today it says my account is blocked and I can't change my password. Apparently the Bibox telegram is full of scammers pretending to be Admins and asking for ETH to unblock your account because of the "mempool";
by  leongaban, 15 Feb 2018
I withdrew from BiBox few hours ago. 20% fee was taken from teh withdrawal amount resulting in a much smaller Actual amount being withdrawn. This was a big surprise. Unfortunately it was a coin i could either buy on BIbox or Huobi(sp?) and i chose bibox. Be careful guys
by  funkdrools, 4 Jan 2018
For a CAT withdrawal I paid almost 35% of the whole transaction as a fee. Unacceptable. Most features are ok, the page is quite fast, but the fees make it a scam.
by  Rad1006, 4 Mar 2018