When we pull everything together and look at Binance objectively, the pros far outweigh the cons. This is more than can be said for some other competitors. The exchange’s low fees combined with the team’s proven knowledge of how to build a trading platform is enough to make it a major player. It’s no wonder that success followed the service during its opening months. Add to this the ability to offer a truly worldwide service away from the grip of the Chinese government, and there’s not much to stop Beiji Technology. No fiat support is always a little frustrating, but it’s understandable in most circumstances. If it can muster up some top class customer support and get rid of its odd technical issue, Binance is one to watch in 2018.
by  Eliot Prince, 18 Jan 2018
Binance Coin is probably the best investment out there. 1 million new users in 7 days!! 4 BILLION daily volume. DAFUCK. Binance Coin only listed at a market cap of 1/5th of the DAILY volume! HOLY COW....
by  Karl_Marx, 2 Jan 2018
Your Exchange is too good and even better than bittrex because you have the additional feature of the mobile app. Try to improve and fix bugs in your mobile app with advent of smartphone technology people like exchanges which provide services on a finger tap. Moreover the web exchange UI also lags a bit. I don\'t know whether its my processor or it is slow in general because no other exchange does that problem.
by  brontosaurus, 31 Dec 2017
They have almost all of the tokens available for trade. In some cases, this is the only place that has the token that I want to buy. They are super fast with withdrawals.
by  sophie, 19 Mar 2018
seems to be a perfect exchange
by  shahalftg, 17 Mar 2018
Best Exchange i have tryied
by  calpasl, 7 Mar 2018
Excellent with exceptionally low trading fees for a crypto exchange. Good service - when they went down for 1.5 days a while ago their CEO was on twitter every 2 hours with updates. Other crypto exchanges have gone down for days without a word. Easy to use for a beginner or more experienced. Thoroughly recommended.
by  Housetrained, 3 Mar 2018
I used exchange lately and didn\'t face any problems when depositing or withdraw unlike what others are experiencing. That\'s why you always need to use 2FA when making an account related to crypto to add an additional security to your account. Anyway, I like the captcha when dragging a piece of jigsaw puzzle when logging in, not like recaptcha that is annoying. EDIT: But seriously 50% commission on your referral program is surprising.
by  bL4nkcode, 28 Dec 2017
Taking a username and opening a thread is marvelous move. I\'m really happy with the service I\'m getting using binance. It is the only exchange I\'m trading right now. Thanks for great service.
by  premium_domainer, 28 Dec 2017
Maybe the best exchange I use. Only need fiat currency support. Then it will be the Best!
by  BAXTIOZAVR, 2 Mar 2018
Probably best crypto-exchange in the world. Unfourtanetly, they don\'t provide FIAT deposits.
by  darvalforax, 27 Feb 2018
I liked Binance more than all other exchanges, but it\'s not possible to quickly register
by  redbillfold, 25 Feb 2018
I have had a positive experience so far. The deposits and the trades worked pretty quickly. Haven\'t withdrawn anything yet, so we will see.
by  siouxdr, 22 Feb 2018
The best alt-coin exchange.
by  2018-07-31 01:14:42
Never had an issue with them over 3 years
by  2020-06-06 12:43:35
by  2021-11-02 21:28:20
$5000 of Money taken and Support requests submitted return automatically as I am devastated by the apparent theft of $5000 of tokens during trading with Binance. These tokens are shown as held in an ethereum wallet using etherscan but invisible when viewed on the Binance account. Worse now, is months of non reply to support requests for help and now any more i send automatically show as \"soled\" in the status column. This is straight out theft of my money and 50,000 Tron tokens and some CTR etc. What can I do about this ??? , I have screenshots that show all tokens sitting in the eth wallet and support requests showing solved the moment i submit them. I am sick with disgust.
by  Brett SMITH, 19 Jan 2018
I have been trying for two months to have them unbind my google 2fa. At first i received a reply and after sending the documents I have received nothing. I have tried to follow all the instructions and when it says they have sent me an email i get nothing. They have my money and i cant get it..i am totally disgusted and at my wits end.
by  25D9BB7B, 6 Mar 2018
The problem is not that it is laggy, one could deal with this ones in a while. But it freezes and can stay frozen for 15 min easily, leaving you unable to do anything. You can not even execute order blindly all you can do is wait and watch on other trading website as your trades is passing by you. It is bad when you are on the winning side but fucking outrageous when the market moves against you. Unacceptable! Additionally, the system is made in such a way that you can not trade whole your money out of the position there is always some tiny bit left. What the fuck is this about? If you have fees be clear about this its business everybody would understand. But shaving accounts like this is a disgrace in my view. OK that is a record now, it is currently frozen for over 25 min as I witness 10% drop.. and don\'t think it is my internet connection everything else runs smooth, I can refresh as much as i want, this shit just doesn\'t load. I am in Europe so for rest of the globe it may be different. I wonder what is the issue, maybe they don\'t have enough money for server upgrade...
by  innercode, 7 Mar 2018
It\'s in the fractions... When you trade in Binance, it \"rounds off\" the amounts you can trade. The leftover fractions stay behind, and recovering this dust is almost impossible. One way to do it would be again to deposit the coin in question and to juggle the amount deposited and the price, taking the fee into account, so as to leave nothing, or next to nothing, after a new transaction. Using BNB will reduce your fees, but it will not take care of this problem. Those bits add up, especially if you want to experiment with the odd exotic coin. I\'ve learned my lesson and I\'m staying away.
by  Eddie, 19 Jan 2018
Re: 2FA authentication issue. I experienced this when trying to set up my 2fa. Tried over a dozen times only to get error messages every time. Wasted several hours, very frustrating. Upon reading a blog post in Reddit I found the answer. Apparently the issue was not on the Binance end but a compatibility problem issue with the Google 2fa app. I switched to a different app (Authy) and my 2fa went through immediately. Hope this is helpful.
by  Mark, 22 Feb 2018