Bitflip is a best young exchange!!!!!
by  iskrin88, 27 Feb 2018
Reasonable fees and fantastic community – that’s exactly what makes BitFlip great!
by  Charissa, 19 Dec 2017
Really easy to use to obtain things done, low fees, high safety and security and fantastic support. A great deal of coins
by  Pat romero, 17 Dec 2017
Actually amazing broker. A load cryptocurrencies you might pick from. Great new exchanging platform!
by  Cherie, 25 Nov 2017
Bitflip is a scam or highly incompetent -- Robbed of Ether I sent ether to my bitflip wallet today. Over 300 ether confirmations later, the wallet reflects 0 ether. Transaction: BitFlip wallet address: I contacted customer support an hour ago with no result. Whether this is from them being a malevolent actor or incompetent, it does not matter. Do not move coin to bitflip. I was able to move ether to BitGrail with the wallet being updated after 10 confirmed blocks. UPDATE: My transaction officially went through. It took about half a day. I withdrew my money immediately. I am trying to disconnect myself from exchanges that either through negligence or malice are not available during high trading volume. On that basis, avoid bitflip, gdax, and coinbase like the plague. Or use them as backup options for the worst case.
by  sopitted10,Jan 2018