Great exchange! Transferred some bitcoin to BitGrail: arrived in few minutes. Bought some RaiBlocks from BitGrail: got them in few minutes, very low fees. Transferred RaiBlocks from BitGrail to a Rai Wallet: arrived in few minutes. Great exchange: does the job perfectly, it is quick and no ID verification required
by  Ugo, 29 Dec 2017
NONE WILL EVER TRUST BITGRAIL OR THAT FU*KING THIEF BOMBER AGAIN .. Those tokens are worth less then the harddisk space used to type this post on .. Bought back from 50% of the FEE\'S The Only fees generated will be when people withdrawl their coins of This DEAD EXCHANGE anyone one that does anything but withdrawl their coins from BITGRAIL is a FOOL. What happened with his Database did he had that over to the Police or Nano team ? Personally I think hes a lying sack of shit the size of the transactions are way beyond what any normal user could have done verified or not the numbers don\'t add up.
by  sluppy, 24 Mar 2018
Bitgrail showed us how not to manage an exchange. Not wondered when heard they become scam. Exchange is a serious thing and if devs are not professional enough there are defenitely problems. I don\'t know if they took XRBs to themselves or really got hacked but if they got hacked it happened lot time ago and they didn\'t want to say that. That KYC problem also occured from that
by  ceferov, 21 Feb 2018
With the crypto exchange BitGrail disappeared 170 million dollars in the Nano crypto currency BitGrail, the Italian crypto exchange, reported that there was a theft of 17 million Nano (XRB) crypto currency coins, which is about 170 million dollars. Team Nano Core was informed by the owner of BitGrail, Francesco \"The Bomber\" Firano of the loss of funds on Thursday. The blog reports that this error is related to the BitGrail software. In private correspondence, Firano allegedly asked about the possibility of making changes to the code to cover his losses, but the development team replied that this direction of action: \"it is impossible, and this is a direction that we will never pursue.\"
by  alex-still, 28 Feb 2018
Same problem. I can’t withdraw. I don’t know how to verify the account. Support don’t answer for a week now.
by  goja, 28 Feb 2018
I started a account there to invest in Raiblocks. It is easy to deposit BTC, but they will not let you transfer out XRB (wallet is inder Mainteance - constantly) and they only allow withdraw of .5 BTC per day. It might be more, but they do not allow (me) you to verify the account. Not a problem anywhere else. So, you can get in, but it\'s real hard to get out.
by  gdg409, 31 Jan 2018
I have lost so much in bitgrail.
by  Devss, 19 Feb 2018
after the XRB snafu in january, i was already half expecting an exit scam. adding mandatory KYC (to withdraw anything) with no notice a couple weeks ago smelled fishy as hell too. i wish i could say i\'m surprised. i missed out on a lot of XRB action because i was unwilling to touch bitgrail or mercatox. they are both incompetent at best, scammers at worst.
by  figmentofmyass, 10 Feb 2018
Wtf! A friend of mine just lost worth $10,000 at Bitgrail. It was getting popular because of XRB I guess but because I am busy lately I avoided the same scenario. Just now I am looking for reviews here and all are negative regarding this exchange. I feel sad on the victims.
by  Nivir, 10 Feb 2018
Withdrawal fees will propably pay for their losses. I only have 113 COSS = 68USDT in the account and when trying to withdraw they it says \'Flat fee: - 65 !!!!!! Thats more than half!!!! THIEVES
by  asere, 13 Feb 2018