I was trading XBTUSD… I had liquidation price set o 11321.5. They closed my position even if price didn’t drop below 11350… and I lost all my asset. This is some kind of joke – I lost like 2000 UFromSD and I doubt that they will respond on my complaint. Looks like this is well organized fraud. I have no idea where I can report this. I have screenshots of order history, current account status, everything – I was looking very closely what’s going on as I knew this was risky trade… but didn’t risk – they just robbed me…
by  Michal, 28. January 2018
Today I decided to join Bitmex because of its ability to short or go long on currencies. I was very excited about trying out this new way of trading on the exchange. When I signed up and click my confirmation link in my email, I was greeted and reject by this page all in one fell swoop! I thought maybe it was maybe a glitch in the system, so I decided to try to deposit some money into bitmex to see if it would work. Right when I clicked deposit I was immediately rejected with this web page. To me this is very frustrating! I know that bitmex works in England, so why are they banning the united states? I was thinking about using a VPN to hide my location in the united states but first I wanted to figure out why they were banned in the U.S. So first i did a search for “bitmex blocked in the U.S”. When I went to investigate my results for the reason why, I found some very bad reviews that were very well explained. I clicked the link to the website and here is the first review I found: Complete crap service. There is no way in hell the five star reviews below were written by anyone other than the owners. Bitmex is a complete scam. Please read this carefully if you’re thinking of depositing money there, and especially if you’re new to the bitcoin industry or to trading. First off the fees drain your money: 0.075% at 100x is 7.5% on every open and close of every trade (they don’t tell you that, they just show you 0.075% so you think it’s small, but they charge you 7.5 fucking percent on your margin when you trade with leverage). The “team” behind bitmex is just two guys in their twenties looking to get rich / scam uninformed/noob traders out of their money. It’s an amateur operation. It’s also completely UNREGULATED. There’s no financial watchdog monitoring what these people are doing behind the scenes. If bitmex were to be regulated, or should financial regulators catch on to them, the owners would be behind bars. Especially because the owners have many times used pseudonyms in forums online to advocate for “US customers to use a VPN” (even in the bloody reviews on this page!) – not only are they encouraging illegal behavior but that’s the only way their operation can survive because most of their volume is US-based. They incorporated their operation in Seychelles to make it jurisdictionally hard to sue or pursue them. There are many stories online of people trying to do just that after losing their account balance on Bitmex. The owners are also moderators of a semi-popular online bitcoin forum so they censor all kinds of criticism toward bitmex and use the forum to pump up and drive traffic to their operation. There is not a single story, comment, or review online of anyone making money on Bitmex. You get lost so easily in the trading interface. It’s as if they make it complicated on purpose. Most of the volume on there is generated by the owners with their market making algorithms to make it seem like the site is popular. You’ll get liquidated pretty quickly, especially if you have a small account. They’ll make the price feed wick instantly to hit your stops and liquidate you (it’s simple to manipulate at 100x). That kind of liquidation is a straightforward transfer of money from your deposit to their coffers. Stay away, stay away, stay away. Use Poloniex,, Okcoin, Bitstamp, or another reputable service. The owners of this operation only care about their own pockets. Edit: On the reddit page here some of the confusion of the systems UI and the 50x margin trading “gambling” is talked about by some of the users there too. Well bitmex isn’t looking good after all. That review is well echoed by others on bittrust too saying it is not a good exchange service. Anyone have any experience using it? So looks like I will just be sticking to bitshares and poloniex! Fine by me. Happy trading everyone! Kevin, 10. December 2017 Bitmex is an absolute scam. If you want to lose money trading bitcoin, Bitmex is the quickest way to do it. Regardless of where you stop is or even what the liquidation price is , your order inevitably gets put in a liquidation pool & gets stopped out at a price far from the live price. Total Scam / Bucketshop. Stay away.
by  Davis, 3. November 2017
I guess the writer did not use the platform…. Otherwise, he would have noticed that everything is done to steal money from customers..andblow off accounts.. here are the last examples… In 2 words : platform unavailable when you need it the most….ie.. when pricesmove quickly against you… I will not add to the list of complaints on how they use their customized liquidation price to blow off your account regularly… Yes, this is a scam…!! Now they found a new way to steal your money : Unable to get access to your account or to the platform in high volume or quick price moves.. and if you are luckily ON the platform, your order cannot be executed.. I made hard copies of the screens but unfortunately i cannot post them here… So, if you are unlogged, you will get the following message when trying to connect: “API Timeout – Please re-enter your information and try again”…. or “Form security failed. Your session may have timed out.Please re-enter your information and try again” or “We are experiencing a server error. We have been notified. BitMex will be back up very shortly. please try again soon.” I tried successively during 15 minutes… and then my account blew off in between.. obviously… and despite I had a very low leverage Better…. : If you are connected.. suddently the market moves agaisnt you quickly… then you want to close your position… here is what will happen : “Order submission error – Order could not be submitted. The system is currently overloaded. Please try again later” If you try again ..and again.. and again… :same message… I let you image the consequences on yr position…. SO,these guys are thieves… they are based in Seychelles to avoid any court trial and being sued AVOID THIS COMPANY and SPREAD THE MESSAGE
by  Pat, 9 Mar 2018
BitMEX scam Bitmex blocks withdrawal. Support does not explain why for several days. Before it I was asking politely support some inconvinient questions about priveledge of their own marketmaker during ‘system overloading’. I’m afraid I’ve found scam and bitmex chiefs blocked me. My questions about reason of blocking is ignored
by  Alf, 1 Mar 2018
Bitmex is an absolute scam. If you want to lose money trading bitcoin, Bitmex is the quickest way to do it. Regardless of where you stop is or even what the liquidation price is , your order inevitably gets put in a liquidation pool & gets stopped out at a price far from the live price. Total Scam / Bucketshop. Stay away.
by  Kevin, 10. December 2017
If you know what you’re doing and want a market-leading cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, then BitMEX will be a happy choice for you. For those looking for a more simple exchange to buy and sell some Bitcoin, I suggest you look into some other more user-friendly options. The BitMEX team use their financial and web-development experience to create a slick platform that allows smooth trading while keeping users informed. Live update features, such as the announcement tab and the live chat function, provide that little extra bonus in making sure you never miss out on crucial news. The fees round things off to make the exchange an attractive all-around package.
by  Eliot Prince, 2 Jan 2018
Numerous traders are profitable on Bitmex. The goal is to not over trade. If you wait for the breakouts then you\'ll do well. Trading on Bitmex is like trading on any other exchange. If you stick to 3x or under it\'s like trading on Bitfinex, Kraken, Polo, Okex. If you start moving up your leverage to 10x, 20x, 50x then you are just gambling that you picked the right direction. But really in a market that is moving a lot just set like 5000 contracts buy walls down and when price dumps you get filled. Hope it doesn\'t dump below your margin call price and then when price bounces you sell in a profit. Then when it\'s pumping you set orders to short. Once the top is reached it dumps and you take profit. Where you set those walls depends on your TA. Draw lines, figure out where the resistance and support is. It takes reading up on TA (technical analysis). The leaderboard shows lots of profitable traders. And you got alts on that site. If you see an alt pumping they usually pump 20% or more sometimes. Easy to margin long and ride it up a bit.
by  w0rkinhard, 22 Jan 2018