Most user friendly exchange I have used out of the 6 or 7 exchanges I've tried. Surprisingly enough, I only used heard about this exchange after one of the hacks and decided to sign up and try them out and I am glad I did because I havent really used any other exchange since I opened my account on BFX. Cheers
by  CarterGiles, 20 March 2018
Love the exchange, many pairs to trade, the withdrawal times are a bit long but thats the only thing I can think of, nice fee\'s, good customer service.
by  BakingSoda, 19 March 2018
Great exchange, never had any problems with withdrawals or anything and there are lots of pairs here. Only issue was a small one when trying to place trades, contacted support and it got fixed pretty quickly so I would highly recommend!
by  PotOfGreed, 16 March 2018
Amazing exchange. Has a different variety of cryptos to choose from and the platform is easy to use and understand, i\'ve adapted fairly well to it. I just wish the support was faster in replying to tickets. Overall i would recommend.
by  RobertKB, 16 March 2018
Great site they do what there supposed to do a+
by  Scott, 10. July 2017
Absolute scam – these guys are going belly up and they have disabled all withdrawals. Support page gives a “404 – page not found error” I just lost my crypto portfolio.
by  Nacho, 6. January 2018
bitfinex is one of the worst exchange i have ever used. I have deposited a small amount of bitcoin which was 0.0017 btc to test out the exchange before dive deep into it. my transaction was successful at and has 200+ confirmations and also it showed “completed” in the transaction section and when i go to my wallet there is nothing there. it doesnt show up in my wallet. it was about 25 days ago. after that i have contacted them and open a ticket. they contacted me back after 6 days and only said that we are resolving the issue. after that they have just disappeared. i then contacted them thrice they never reply. today after 19 days they have emailed me saying that if the problem still persist. even after 25 days, my transaction still doesnt show up in my wallet. my final remarks about bitfinex are “bitfinex is one of the worst exchange i have ever used, they are sooooooo unprofessional that they dont even know what a professionalism is. their support is sooooooo poor that you have to wait days in order to get replied, not even one or day or three days but 19 days. i can give 0/10 and will never ever use this shity exchange again and encourage others to not use it, instead there are a lot of other exchanges those are far more better then bitfinex like BINANCE one of the best.”
by  talal, 16. January 2018
extremely long and drawn out process, poor support, not always honest to clients – be wary of this!
by  CJ, 22. February 2018
Very very poor support Bitfinex is worst trading platform I have ever used No support provided. My account is locked out and I have been mailing them from last 3 days and also raised a ticket but no response. They are bunch of unprofessional guys who don\'t know the meaning of professionalism. It really sucks.
by  Rohit Jha 01/05/2018
not bad, support a bit slow, used to be much better
by  LikaSambo, 8 March 2018