I just used bitsane successfully to buy a small amount of ripple with Bitcoin as a test (25XRP is the minimum). It worked well. I think that to buy currency with Dollars or Euros etc might be slower, but crypto to crypto exchange worked quickly (within a few minutes) just after initial signup (same day) for a small amount. Haven\'t tested larger amount yet.
by  PaintedWolves, Jan 2018
Tested the waters and tranferred $75 USD worth of bitcoins into bitcoin wallet on Bitsane. Exchanged bitcoins for XRP and transferred back into my Ladger nano S, worked great. THEN!!!!...Transferred $1500 USD worth of bitcoins to bitcoin wallet on Bitsane, transaction confirmed, verified transaction on blockchain and NOTHING SHOWS UP in the Bitsane bitcoin wallet. Balance of $0!!!! Submitted a support ticket with no response. Livid!!!! \"SCAM - DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!!\" Help spread the word so that no one else gets screwed.
by  Donp808, 2 Jan 2018
Traded some LTC to ETH yesterday - 01-03-18 - and all went well. Then as I submitted a send for the ETH to my other wallet, it essentially disappeared. I have the TX hash in a screenshot and 24 hrs later nothing shows on the chain AND nothing, not even the exchange transaction show in the history on the site. I have the screenshot of actions conducted but the site itself has no record of ANYTHING. Submitted a ticket and no response 24 hrs later. It seems like this site is doing updates to their code/site in a prod environment as things show appropriately at one time and then POOF, it\'s gone at another time. This place is FUCKED. STAY AWAY
by  chupacabra09, 5 Jan 2018
Totally unacceptable ! Bitsane has kept my ETH hostage for at least the past 12 days. They claim it\'s a \"temporary\" condition but no explanations or updates are given. I am starting to wonder whether my money is there at all. Use Bitsane only if you don\'t care about your coins and if you crave that extra excitement of wondering if it\'s all gone for good. Thrilling experience!
by  Joaquim Russo, 1 Mar 2018
Dont use Bitsane - They are either Corrupt, Inept or outright thieves I transferred Bitcoin from CoinBase to buy ripple months ago and Bitsane \"lost\" my money. They say they can\'t find it. I gave them Hash tags and every piece of data and they pretend to not know where it is. They drag this on for months, telling people they are trying, but overwhelmed in customer service- there is no way to contact them beyond the service request. They are a black hole of thieves. Probably run by a group of 18 year olds, this group doesn\'t understand customer service, good communication or have any standard. Their CEO posts that they will put people who complain to the back of the service queue. I am traveling to Ireland in 2 months with the explicit purpose of finding these unregulated scumbags. They need to be out of business and bankrupt.
by  Peter, 25 Feb 2018
SCAM!!! Transferred $1500 into my wallet and it never showed up. The transaction was also verfied on the blockchain. Opened a support ticket with no response. \"DO NOT USE THIS SITE\"!!!!
by  Donovan,2 Jan 2018
LiteCoin GONE!! Very bad experience trying to use this exchange site. I created an account and transferred 5 LiteCoins from Coinbase to Bitsane. I attemped to exchange all 5 LiteCoins for Ripple. When I check the Ripple balance, it showed 0.5539 as my balance!?!? I attempted to exchange 5 LTC\'s for 450+ XRP\'s and I got back 0.5539 Ripples? I haven\'t heard back from my emails to support or any updates on the support tickets I created. I hope they didn\'t steal my $1,200+ USD.
by  Victor Vasquez, 3 Jan 2018
Adam 01/22/2018(0)(6) Not a scam but transaction took over a week to clear. Like many people on this website, I transferred BTC to Bitsane to exchange other crypto currencies. Tried withdrawing ETH to Coinbase and the status remained “pending” for over a week thinking it might have been a scam but today the transfer finally completed. Everything is now showing up in Coinbase. Even buying ETH or BTC on Coinbase takes a week. There’s just too much traffic it takes time for the transactions to complete so be patient.
by  DD, 18 Jan 2018
So far OK I transferred some ether over in increments and traded it for ripple with no problems. Actually, Coinbase was having problems dealing with high volume withdrawals - one of my withdrawals took over a day to show up even though in Coinbase it was showing that it had already been sent (Coinbase had bulletins up that they were behind). Then I read all the negative reviews about Bitsane so I decided to transfer 25 ripple coins to poloniex and only 4.68 showed up. I emailed Bitsane support about it cuz 24.98 were supposed to get there. Don’t know what happened with that. I then traded some ripple for ether and sent back to Coinbase (the reverse process) and all of it got there in a matter of minutes. So, I think I’ll be sticking to just Coinbase to Bitsane and back for now. It’s kind of risky though as Coinbase is the only one I fully trust as they are insured and regulated.
by  Jimmy, 7 Jan 2018
Worked for me You just have to be patient with this site. Coinbase is also really backed up at the moment so these transfers take roughly 12-24 hours. The support will eventually get to your ticket, they just have to go through the massive queue of people complaining that it is taking too long.
by  Bobert, 6 Jan 2018