Hi Guy’s, I’ve been trading with CEX since Sep 2017, and have only positive experiences with them. Their transaction fees are quite high, but taken into account and very visible in T and C’s! It seems the majority of complaints involve high dollar value transactions, and while i cannot relate to those users, its very worrying if i do get the opportunity to trade such large amounts! The only issue I’ve had so far was when I got a new phone and had to reset my 2FA, and support for this was very helpful, and had it done with a 48hr period. Anyway lets hope crypto values increase this year, and cex find a way to sort out these issues, but I’d currently rate them a solid 4/5 for now.
by  Zimmermane,30 Jan 2018
Source: 99bitcoins.com
several times used no problem
by  anka - March 22, 2018
Source: http://bittrust.org
Let me get the facts straight - cex io is not a scam. They mess up payments, are sometimes slow in responding and even more so in resolving issues - but you do get your money in the end. I waited a month to get my USD withdrawal, which was cancelled in the end. The support team suggested me to withdraw in Euros instead (try their facebook page for instant communication). I got my money in 3 days. So just be patient, follow up closely with them and dont despair :)
by  Nightsprior - March 9, 2018
Source: http://bittrust.org
Getting Over Growing Pains The main problem used to be their service. It is getting MUCH better. They are usually quite responsive now. Their trading platform isn\'t the best out there (Kraken and Binance) are better but it is still pretty good. I don\'t get a lot of rejections on my orders like I do on Kraken. Although when it gets REALLY busy, there isn\'t an exchange out there that can keep up. Transfers are easy and straight forward. Overall, they have gotten MUCH better. They might actually be getting over their growing pains.
by  Khanh Le, 30 Mar 2018
Source: www.trustpilot.com
I like CEX.IO I like CEX.IO I am trading with them several months and Everything is ok. I took 2 days to deposit money through SEPA transfer and to withdraw money just one night also through SEPA. Honestly, I did not expect that it will be so fast after reading some not nice feedback about CEX.IO. But CEX team have done their job perfectly. Thank you!
by  Dinar Mingaliev, 28 Mar 2018
Source: www.trustpilot.com
I waited for over 5months to receive my bitcoins. I had bought them with a Meastro card, probably not the best decision I made here but eventually they told me my money had never arrived at their bank, so they asked me to do a fund recall from my bank. My bank told me this could take a YEAR to get my money back, but I’m pretty sure I’ll never get to see it again. My 500$ just got wasted;(
by  Someone
Source: 99bitcoins.com
100% SCAM!!! Just will share the conversion from cexio support channel: up112324926 – Today at 11:05 This transaction with density 11.254 sat per B will remain in mempool forever. You should solve this big problem immediately. Tony – Today at 11:22 Dear up112324926, Thank you for your request. We kindly ask you to provide us with more details about your issue, such as transaction ID, name and amount of the funds. Thank you for cooperation in advance. Best regards Tony Support Team up112324926 – Today at 14:05 Are you kidding me? All information was been provided in the “submit request” form and I’m seeing it on right-side panel now. Anyway, here is requested information. Blockchain TxID -fd82fb9711afc48623fa13fa3963121f88160afe56fc968feaf02e5f73e7b764 CEXIO Transaction ID – 5339684676 Transaction Amount -0.06283378 BTC Tony – Today at 14:22 Dear up112324926, Thank you for your patience. The transaction you are concerned about is now being processed by the blockchain. We are sorry for the delay, please be informed that it is caused by the blockchain itself, not by CEXIO.Hence, we can not influence the process or fasten it in any way. We kindly ask you to have some patience, your coins should be delivered as soon as the transaction has enough confirmations on the blockchain. Thank you for understanding. Please inform us in case of any other requests. Best regards Tony Support Team up112324926 – Today at 14:47 It is definitely cexio issue, because you’ve paid very low fee and this transaction will never been included to block by miners because it has very low density (11.254 sat per B). You should RBF (replace-by-fee) otherwise it will remain in mempool forever. Tony – Today at 14:56 Dear up112324926, We fully understand your inconvenience. However, there is no issue from our side.The delay is on the side of the blockchain. We have flexible fee for transactions.Thus, since you have sent small amount, your transaction fee is low and hence the priority on blockchain is low too. We have set the highest fee possible for our transactions, please take it into consideration.Moreover, the fee is equal for all users and can not be changed. Let us kindly emphasize, that once the transaction is on the side of the blockchain, we are not able to influence it technically. Thank you for your understanding in advance. Best regards Tony Support Team up112324926 – Today at 17:02 – “However, there is no issue from our side.” No, again and again, it is definitely your issue. – “We have flexible fee for transactions.” No, you haven’t flexible fee. Here are two transaction: 1.c22e6792b68a3fa479cd39676d4fcafe0630f6028c26bfdaf58b50a14599e43c 2.fd82fb9711afc48623fa13fa3963121f88160afe56fc968feaf02e5f73e7b764 Both was been made by cexio and both have 0.009BTC fee, but, while first had fee density equal to 240.577 sat per B and was been processed by miners immediately, second have fee density equal to 11.254 sat per B(more than 20 times less) which led this transaction to be in limbo forever. – “since you have sent small amount, your transaction fee is low” the transaction is not mine it is yours and only one output is mine but you have included a hug amount of inputs and outputs to this transaction – “We have set the highest fee possible for our transactions” ha-ha-ha I suggest you to solve this problem immediately. You should be idiots if you don’t care of your reputation.
by  user, 19. January 2018
Source: www.bestbitcoinexchange.net
They are scammers I emailed customer support about 40 times about my withdrawal that happened more than 46 days ago and never got the money never got a response from them all they say is be patient working on it which is an automated email generated from their non-existing customer support
by  Ron, 2. February 2018
Source: www.bestbitcoinexchange.net
This site is a scam, be warned. First off, they artificially inflate and dilute the price of Crypto to wall you in to as much 100 Euros even on Bitcoin. The exchange has many bots controlling buy and sell margins. When the market drops heavily the site goes down and they lock you out and if you have buy orders active they never fill. They don’t have a stop loss to trade with, so a situation like that can potentially cost you everything.
by  Peter, 8. March 2018
Source: www.bestbitcoinexchange.net
I use Cex io only to convert fiat money to BTC. It has a simple easy to use design, very easy to deposit from credit card . Cons: High fees. Cex io has a lot of potential for improvement, the future will tell is all up to the management.
by  Mentor2018, 30 Feb2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com