Nice exchange, way to go! There are some things I\'d like to suggest for improvement. Please add different colours reflecting different actions in order history. Red - cancelled order. Yellow - particially filled order, green - filled order. Make the interface better. Also add an option to remove cancelled orders from order history. Thanks!
by  Alexander Noname, 22 Jan 2018
I have received answers from customer support promptly for all my questions. Good exchange with great potential.
by  Anita Kabuga Somoni, 15 Jan 2018
So I’ve been a cobinhood supporter since post ico, so naturally once the exchange launched I deposited my ~90k cobs in, this is where the trouble started, see with cobinhood you can’t withdraw until you’re level 1 verified, this took me days and a lot of hassle with the team first saying Aussies were banned, then allowed , however I finally got verified, during this time I did some cob trading and managed to increase my cob stack, now anyway fast forward to today, I login and half my balance has been wiped out, I had withdrawn 49k cobs, I had 4K usd left, 23.64 eth and 21k cobs, then I message the team, after they fix it they email me saying it was actually a bug on the exchange I re login and my whole balance is wiped, on top of this the team NOW say the balance is correct, DO NOT USE THIS EXCHANGE
by  Bossthirteen, Jan 2018
Decent platform and app but worst customer support I’ve ever seen. So slow and horrible, incompetent staffs, can’t even read a ticket properly. Waiting days to reply and asked about user ID which I have provided in the previous response, and keep doing that multiple times. Either that or answer with scripted answer from FAQ which doesn’t apply to my case. If there was 0 star, I’d have rated it. For a startup customer experience is vital and also availability. You guys lack both!
by  Leo Nguyen, 16 Jan 2018
i made a transaction on january 4th of a lot of cobs. From Mercatox. They never arrived in the wallet. Since then, now 27 days ago, i have posted tickets, tried to approach helpdesk on telegram. Nobody has concretely come back to me with any help. I provided the transaction details. For any tecnician to look at this would take 10 minutes.
by  Alfred Moesker, 1 Feb 2018
In order to withdraw, you need to click an email to confirm. I never receive these emails. I\'ve emailed support numerous times, after trying to withdraw over 10 times now. Cobinhood\'s support told me \"you need to create a new account, there\'s nothing we can do.\" So in other words, the BALANCE i have on this account will never be able to be withdrawn or transferred... Cobinhood essentially is stealing my money.
by  Bryce Deeney, 22 Jan 2018
I\'ve used 20+ exchanges and this is legit the first time ive been frightened using an exchange. Money missing, market trades off by a long mile, estimated balance off even further, 3 steps of verification before you can withdraw a penny. Go die a death you piece of shit
by  Josh O Regan ,19 Jan 2018
Slow and awkward interface, they take your money quickly but Withdraw time is ridiculously long. Have been waiting 2 days. Do not use this if you plan on moving any money out of it....Horrible
by  Chris Jay, 6 Jan 2018
cobin withdrawl No traffic and Too expensive withdrawl fees, think twice from now on when I use this exchange!
by  jae, 16 Feb 2018
I don\'t think it\'s scam. I did not lose anything there even if I cancelled a withdraw. But they are some bugs and Problems to fix (wrong fund value in USD). Don\'t use it for other than BTC/ETH/COB until the bugs are fixed and the withdrawals are not only once a day.
by  Stefan Oberli, 10 Jan 2018