To remain real this is my very first experience with crypto. I currently make some loan on Coinbene & next year will certainly be also much better. Definitely to remain open I suggest Coinbene . I support the guys behind Coinbene company, they are actually including brand-new currencies and you will be pleased with this exchange. They additionally have great partnership program….
by  Malena, 17 Dec 2017
Coinbene was definitely my first choice. Far better than Crypto DAO … Perhaps later this definitely will be undoubtedly the leading crypto currencies market.
by  Brittani, 10 Dec 2017
My genuine Coinbene review > little costs, very helpful support team, extremely easy dashboard plus a great deal even more…
by  Ashar, 27 Nov 2017
Never ever had single trouble with Coinbene!
by  Elizbeth, 15 Nov 2017
this exchange have some problem, you can\'t withdraw without google auth and pin , i tried many time to submit the google auth but it says my code is invalid . this is not one time. my token is stuck inside the exchange, my similar 2000 usd. Sad
by  shafi alam, 18 Jan 2018
One serious issue with Coinbene, it isn\'t secure layer, which just blows my mind. Most important websites these days use https secure socket layer, but for some reason Coinbene simply doesnt! This makes it highly risky to use imho.
by  Arksun1, 31 Jan 2018
Guys, today I had a problem with this fucking exchange. When I try to enter my balance, the exchange issues - Try again and try again. I can not sell anything either. The available balance is supposedly zero, although there are coins on the stock exchange. What kind of crap!
by  Scambusterz, 15 Feb 2018
Dont use coinbene! They charging crazy withdraw fees! For example 0.001 BTC or 100 HeroCoin(PLAY) I think its just a money grab
by  Snorre, 3 Mar 2018