I have used Coinfloor dozens of times over 3 years with no issues for selling Bitcoin and Bitcoincash. Cryptocurrency trades go through instantly with the 'sell at market rate'; option, and GBP appears instantly in your account balance. Withdrawal of funds in GBP to UK bank account takes 3 working days. The 0.3% trading fee seems fair enough. The £10 to UK bank withdrawal flat fee is a bit annoying if you plan to make frequent small withdrawals, so best to wait until you have built up a reasonable amount to withdraw in one go.
by  tomshake, 24 Feb 2018
First time l used coinfloor last week.. l have been trading crypto for some time now and mainly use the bigger exchanges such as gdax but they become huge nightmare when trying to cash out for UK customers so l was looking for simpler way to get my GBP into my bank after selling some of my bitcoins. Pretty simple to use nothing special but had brilliant experience with support team that answered my question within an hour.. Very transparent with fees and my money was in my bank within 4 days after withdrawal.. Will definitely use Coinfloor again...
by  cryptominx, 24 Feb 2018
Two weeks ago I set up an account at Coinfloor - verification was easy and fast. Last week I funded the account via Swift GBP wire - no problems at all, my account was credited 6 hours later. I used the GBP to buy BTC - no problems (though the trading system is very basic). I sent some BTC to my paper wallet - no problems, it arrived 20 minutes later. I sent some BTC to another exchange - no problems, it arrived 30 minutes later. Have since done more funding, more trading, and more sending, and each time there has been zero problems. Happy with them.
by  dearcam, 24 Jan 2018
No problem, I used the exchange At new year for the first time. I got verified and deposited some bitcoin to sell. Withdrawal took a few days to reach my uk bank account which isn’t too bad. Overall good experience and will definitely use coinfloor again.
by  dava12884, 24 Jan 2018
Great Exchange, been using since 2015, always responsive and helpful. Depos and Withdraws have all gone fine.
by  cofcarter, Dec 2017
Most definitely a Scam company Most definitely a Scam company. I applied for an account as wanted an exchange with GBP options, I applied and was informed \"Dear Customer, Thank you for providing your details for verification. Regretfully, we cannot proceed with your application. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Regards, Coinfloor Team\" I thought this might be a problem with my address, guessing that the Royal Mail PAF file has caused issues in the past. So i got a friend, who also trades to open an account, he got the same response. Then I got a third person in an entirely different part of the country to apply, he was also instantly turned down (and that guy is a pro). So as others have said, Coinfloor are definitely mining your personal details to just reject your application. PLEASE AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
by  Dan, 22 Feb 2018
obviously not solvent Transfered 2600 Euro at January 6th. Though everything was made 100% exactly as described on their site I received a mail at January 9th, that allegedly the payment couldn\'t clearly be assigned to my account. They asked for a bank statement. I had been sending it three times within a month and still don\'t have access to my money. Support takes about two weeks to answer if they answer at all and you only get precasted text blocks. Not sure if I ever get my money back. Even with the Support of a lawyer it will get hard if coinfloor should be insolvent meanwhile. Also tested Coinbase and Kraken and everything worked properly there.
by  MCH,2 Feb 2018
AVOID! The worst exchange I have ever seen. Their customer service is horrible. Contact many times and no response. You are lucky if you can receive one in 2 months. Do not risk your assets in the exchange like this.
by  Dannis, 9 Jan 2018
Shocking response time to my query. Trying to change wallet address to withdraw. Been 3weeks+ Absolutely useless. AVOID.
by  masaconor, 24 Jan 2018
SCAM! They close my account after successful verification for no reason and kept my bitcoins! I will going to sue them!
by  rsimonin, Dec 2017
My feeling is we should all lobby to have crypto exchanges regulated. too many people it seems are losing their money and have no support or legal recourse. i haven't had a problem with Coinfloor regarding a major loss of funds, i have however had a minor loss of funds and the amount is not worth my time to pursue. in this instance they simply replied they were not at fault and that it was Coinbase. However i have never had any issue with Coinbase that required support apart from 2 FA problems which were resolved. The amount is documented on Coinfloor as 'being processed'; which would suggest it's on their side, But to be fair to Coinfloor I can't be certain who is at fault here. I have also had other issues with Coinfloor i have requested support with and received no response or a generic response several months later. These weren't regarding loss of funds so whilst annoying it's not a disaster. However I am very sympathetic to people who are worried about their funds and its clear something needs to be done to ensure exchanges are held to account.
by  tillyt29, 24 Feb 2018
Been using coin floor for 3 months now. The Pros : The express buy is very fast and provides good value. eg Ive logged in brought some coin transferred the money from my bank account, transferred the bitcoin to my bitcoin wallet in under 5 mins. Very good security with 2 factor authenticating. stores your bitcoin wallet address. Geared towards UK based bitcoin buyers and sellers. The Cons: To register you need send a copy of your passport. For UK citizens this would be fine but I am concerned about the mass surveillance by the intelligence communities. Also you have to provide a bank account. You cant use coinfloor as an bank account or a wallet. It could take more than a day before you can use the account. Only does bitcoin to GBP, PLN, US, and Euro. I cant comment about trading side as haven't tried it Sorry !
by  frankandyola, Dec2017