Hello, yes, i used to to stack CBO, and all deposit / exchange went well for me. I\'ll try more coin when I get paid
by  Besanciahime, 12 Jan 2018
I sign up a couple of weeks ago, really feel very easy to utilize even for amateurs like me
by  Dahlia, 26 Dec 2017
For me it is solid. They have a plenty coins. Withdrawal time is alright.
by  Mark perez, 28 Dec 2017
Very pretty good nonstop support, amazed concerning the team behind the task…
by  Myrtis, 21 Dec 2017
I just opened an account and I can say it is the most cumbersome exchange I have ever used!! ...for 30 mins I have noew tried to find a place to cancel an open order... site is a freeking disaster!! If this exchange will make it I will eat my hat!! .. and then I believe just about any crap will fly in this tulip market.
by  ZenChimp, 3 Feb 2018
This is real scam - deposit working - recieve coins in Exchange wallet in 5-10 min. but no chance to get withdrawal. All withdrawal go to unknown destination - no any data in blockchain. They just steal all withdrawals.
by  tox22544, 4 Feb 2018
Never had problems with that exchange. Fud everywhere because it took somebody some time to recieve btc lol
by  crd007, 16 Feb 2018
The assistance is actually extremely negative, waiting 5 days to get respond from CryptoBridge..
by  David cummings, 18 Dec 2017