Cryptomate is getting better Crypto mate is getting better . I had a few problems during December, but they did explain that they are getting more venders. This transaction was done within the hour and my britcoins are in my wallet great stuff cryptomate keep it up. Regards Teresa
by  Teresa Strain, 24 Mar 2018
Really good Really good. Works well. Support is quick too. Follow the instructions obviously.:)
by  Alex Whincop, 14 Mar 2018
Fast and easy. Fast, simple, and it works. Probably not the most competitive price for your coins, but it more than makes up for it in simplicity. I will use this service again.
by  Duncan Cosgrove,9 Mar 2018
No problem at all No problem at all. Used many times buying £200 at a time. Just double check all your details and the bank payment details you enter, do exactly as they say and you will not have a problem. RECOMMENDED
by  John Fuller, 1 Mar 2018
Great service always deliver within 30 mins.
by  Jonnie Keiller, 28 Feb 2018
Golden Nugget i was initially hesitant because it sounded too good to be true. Many of my friends who traded ripple seem to buy other cryptos and then converted it into ripple. So when i found this site, it was like finding a golden nugget. Anyhow, i decided to give it a try but i have to say i never ever had to look back, its an awesome platform for those in the UK, the prices are reasonable and transactions are safe, as no card details need to be put in to the site itself. Moreover, there was one incident where the vendor delayed my cryptos but upon getting touch with the customer service , they were very professional and were able to resolve my problem within the day and my cryptos arrived to my wallet in no time at all. Thank you cryptomate for your service, i hope to buy more ripples from you in the future and keep up the good work.
by  K Kurian, 16 Feb 2018
Faultless service I have bought many coins from Cryptomate, never had any issues neither with vendor nor missing transaction. The latest Lumens appear in wallet within 15 minutes. Great services. Highly recommended. Alicia
by  Sabina Nelson, 12 Feb 2018
These prices are insane These prices are insane, If you are new to crypto then please for the love of money just check the current market price- the ones at the top of the websites screen are NOT the current price at all. This sites btc price: £6.8k current is 6.4k (rounded up) eth £428 current market £400 BCH :£804 current market price is £739..your buyying crypto to make money...your getting off to a terrible start paying these prices. prices im giving are at 01:20 22-Mar-2018 uk time so you can check the prices for yourself when reading this.Now check there current selling price market price i\'m sure you will find the same percentage increase.
by  Matt, 22 Mar 2018
I used this site four days ago and spent ?1000 on XRP and have not seen a coin deposited in my wallet ... major problems trying to contact anyone at the company website. I have tried emails and Tweets etc but to date no one has even acknowledged my concerns. I honestly feel like they have stolen my money and I know they received it as I checked with my bank all I can say is “be warned I don’t recommend anyone using this as I don’t want you to loose your money too”
by  Ron, 28 Dec 2017
What customer service??? Sent 2 emails requesting advice and information - no reply received. Obviously do not want any new custom - spend your cash elsewhere!
by  Andy Morris, 6 Mar 2018