Cryptopia is generally well-regarded by its users. Therefore, many users have great things to say about the service. Once you’ve had time to play with all the features and functions, the usability is amazing, and there is so much to see and do. Crypto traders love the extra functionality, combined with the mindboggling selection of altcoins. Users have expressed frustration about the customer support regarding Bitcoin withdrawals—since they have a slow response time, if any at all. It is important to understand that Bitcoin withdrawals are not completely free, but one imagines that the charge is out of Cryptopia’s control. Generally, it is quite difficult for users to pin down exact fee listings, so there is currently no information available about creating an online account
by  Chamberscrypto, 16 Mar 2018
I also have no problems with cryptopia except for the occasional delayed withdrawal or deposit. 90% of the time it is fine. You have to check the \"Coininfo\" on cryptopia and make sure the wallet is working well. And if you\'re sending/receiving a shitcoin, well you should expect that there might be problems no matter what exchange you use. I usually convert to a standard non-shit-coin like DOGE or LTC before withdrawing. And never keep more money on cryptopia than you are prepared to lose. They\'re operating a lot of shitcoin wallets, and if they don\'t review the open source code of each carefully, or worse, if they\'re being sloppy and installing binaries, their servers could quite easily be compromised.
by  vorpalspear, 18 Mar 2018
I’ve never faced any difficulty with this awesome Exchange… They are more Secure and Polite with their business for Withdrawal/Deposit anything, as per my experience from Oct’2017 to till date Feb’2018. I would like to recommend this Exchange to all with full of confidence…
by  GCrypto, 17. February 2018
I don\'t have any problem too with cryptopia. cryptopia now become a larger exchange and I read on some websites that give a new information that cryptopia are not open the new registration again because they are overload and I think they need to change their server so they can accept more member in their site.
by  michellee, 16 Feb 2018
I think Cryptopia is one of the exchanges that will remain until the end because even they are not perfect, I haven\'t experienced getting hacked or blocked on that site so it\'s safe.
by  The Cryptologist, 5 Feb 2018
my account is locked 3 day no replay to the E mails
by  yaser, 25 Feb 2018
Shit coins are in cryptopia. There are thousands of people stuck at processing missing funds withdrawal for weeks and months.
by  marvel213, 5 Mar 2018
The worst coin exchange ever, I am going to open a lawsuit against them. And I will show who I am. They should not make this happen to me. Away from Cryptopia. This is shit ton of scam. They just keep your money. That is it.
by  gabriel, 22. February 2018
Cryptopia supports Scam coins So people invested into PAC coin and they reissued the coin as $Pac and devalued everyone\'s investment. The fact that Cryptopia supports scammers like this tells us that they are not honest.
by  Mark, 17 Mar 2018
Mark 03/17/2018(0)(0) Beware. They have not honored my Bitcoin withdrawal for 7 days so far. I opened an account with Cryptopia 2 months ago to buy some of the alt coins. I recently tried to withdraw a very small amount of my Bitcoins by Cryptopia to different exchange’s wallet. I waited 2 days and it showed 0 confirmations. I opened a support ticket and waited 3 days and got no response. I then decided that when I get out of Cryptopia to get out altogether. It does not seem to be have the integrity that I orignally thought. I sold he rest of my altcoins to Bitcoin, made another withdrawal request to a different exchange’wallet and still after several days nothing has happened. They are holding my coins and not responding to any of 3 open tickets. I filed a complaint with the New Zealand Commerce Commission last week. I hope that I can get some releif and my Bitcoin out.
by  Jeffrey, 5 Mar 2018