Well just went on to their telegram chat to clarify whether people were having withdrawal issues and what they were doing about it and I was KICKED OUT. That\'s nice. I didn\'t even get an answer. Just proves what a scam they are.
by  style01, 18 Feb 2018
Source: cryptocompare.com
Exmo is a dangerous site. I sent my funds from Exmo to other place, but the funds has been missing. So I sent many email for 4 days, but I have not any reply except the words which is posted to technical team. Beware!
by  xcoinan, 8 Feb 2018
Source: cryptocompare.com
XRP sent from Bitstamp to Exmo. Transaction confirmed by network, right wallet address, right destination. Nothing arrived on my wallet. Customer support does not answer.
by  Nicolas, 1 Feb 2018
Source: forexbrokerz.com
exmo is scam, platform does not return your coins, do not deposit or open an account on the platform. an ICO is all deceit. in the telegram group there are only 180 people and who complains about something they erase the message after they block you. this platform and pure deception. do not lose money SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM
by  cadu, 31 Jan 2018
Source: forexbrokerz.com
EXMO is scam. Many people have problems with eposits and withdraws every time. The exchange periodically holdes deposits, explaining this with technical works.
by  Makushimu, 4 Feb 2018
Source: bitcointalk.org
Beware! Opaque business practices Withdraw of money via SEPA was confirmed 21 days ago, I still have not received my money. I contacted them vial Support Ticket, no response. On support chat (after 2 hours on hold) I was told that I can expect an email within 11 days. That was 7 days ago. The least thing they could do is send out an automated email by which day I can expect somebody to address my issue.
by  Marcus, 18 Jan 2018
Source: trustpilot.com
Waiting time to have my 25+ ETH deposit credited: 8 days (Solved issue) Day -1: sent and received a 15+ ETH transaction Day 0: sent a 25+ ETH transaction Day 0, 6h: sent an email for an update Day 1: Received a response the mail was forwarded to the technical team Day 2: no feedback Day 3: no feedback Day 4: no feedback Day 5: no feedback Day 6: sent an email to ask for an update Day 7: no feedback Day 8: advanced support looked at the ticket and credited my ETH deposit Asked for clarification of the problem. Response: Deposit was not credited due to a temporary technical error.
by  Georges-Charles, 1 Mar 2018
Source: cryptocompare.com