Withdraw You can\'t do business there. If you want to buy there and sell it fast on another exchange...well, you just can\'t do it. They are very very slow ..up to 48 hours...when it comes to withdraw. I\'ll never do business there. No way!
by  Uritu Mina, 20 Mar 2018
Source: https://www.forexbrokerz.com
Fast deposit but low sales volume - hard to sell I came to exrates to move some ETH to BTC in anticipation of the fork for Bitcoin Atom. My ETH transferred from coinbase very rapidly. But I have to say it is really a no-frills site and it\'s probably my least favorite of the exchanges I\'ve used. Worst of all, the whole point of moving money there was to purchase BTC which now I can\'t do unless I offer some ridiculous price, because nobody seems to be trading ETH for BTC. Also, it let me accidentally trade some ETH for an absurdly low sale price so I lost value. It was my fault, but I am pretty sure on some of the other sites they warn you before you do something boneheaded like sell a bit of ETH for 1/10 the going rate! Grrrrr!!!!
by  A, 23 Jan 2018
Source: https://www.forexbrokerz.com
As this website offered to trade LCC I transferred about 14k over. I admit it was a bit hasty. However, when I wanted to remove the LCC I was hit with a 144LCC fee which is about $120 USD. RIDICULOUS and complete nonsense.
by  Josh M, 1 Mar 2018
Source: https://coinclarity.com
Its a TRULY horrible website. I didn\'t lose any money, but I would\'t transfer any more than your willing to light on fire - Seriously DO NOT use this exchange unless you really truly know what you are doing (maybe you know the owner... or you have so much money you want to lose some for shits and gigs?) Stay Away!
by  PhrasingBOOMer, 1 Feb 2018
Source: https://www.reddit.com
This exchange is so painfully fake! 1. Fake transactions will usually come in pairs of 2, 4, etc.. 2.They are generally very predictable. For example, they may happen every x minutes. 3.There is even stupidly obvious \"buy\" patterns such that you can predict when and at what rate the next \"buy\" will be (usually it will be one more/less the previous order). 4.Even if you prepared your order to be the exact price of the next fake \"buy\" order nothing happens, and I tested this. 5.Withdrawal fees are very high, doge, for example, is 51x the normal withdrawal fee. 6.They are only trying to inflate their numbers to get more people in so they can then rob them with withdrawal fees. 8. I believe other users when they say that something like 99% of transactions are fake because you can switch to pretty much any pair and see the same patterns I mentioned above. 9.Support plays dumb even though they know whats up. 10.STAY AWAY THEY WILL ROB YOU
by  M, 1 Feb 2018
Source: https://coinclarity.com
Exrate fakes transactions and has an extremely high difference between bids and asks with very low chance to buy anything. Withdrawals are made manually and therefore very painfully.
by  UA, 1 Feb 2018
Source: https://coinclarity.com