A little stressing at first, but all worth it. I feel very secure with Gatehub, took over a month to get Verified but I applied at the *Big Boom* Dec. 6th. 2017. Had a few Transactions held up (my fault) pay attention to the minimums. But all came thru. I plan on staying with Gatehub as long as they are still in Business, I love their Trading Platform. Thanks Gatehub, so far so good, and good Luck for the Future, for all of us. For a new company in a new Market I think your doing quite well. :)
by  Anthony R. - January 24, 2018
My experience with GateHub is rather good. I had to pass verification but that was relatively fast compared to some other exchanges. I did some EUR deposits and withdrawals, all went fine. Crypto deposits have some delays and withdrawals have fees that could be smaller (e.g. 0.005 for BTC is nonsense for small withdrawal) but OK.
by  JanKovac, 26 Feb 2018
stay away if you can!!! I lost more 50 ripples as reserved which you cannot get back anymore
by  hashmat1008, 7 Mar 2018
Scam. No trace of my withdrawal gate hub has always given me problem since day 1. Stage 1 ID verification. Nuisance Stage 2 Deposit funds : High fees. MIN account keeping fee is 50 XRP coins. U don\'t get that back. So before u even begin u r 50 coins down. Stage 3 trading : very confusing platform and high trading fees. Stage 4 Withdrawal : I never saw my funds back in my bank account. Stage 5 transfer to different exchange: again high fees and takes ages like days to weeks. Other exchange do it in mins to hours. STAY AWAY.
by  Akshay , 5 Jan 2018
Gatehub are big scammers. For months, everything went well. Everything was well set. Treated in ripple, eth, btc, bch Now that I want money back to my bank account, I get nothing. My wallet is empty and no money to my bank account I have been waiting for 16 days
by  a baks - January 15, 2018
They are not efficient. I am not 100% certain they are a scam site, but they are most certainly not a good one. I would avoid. Approx. $85 BTC outward handling charge for any size withdrawal. It took over a week for my BTC to be credited, (in which time I lost $1000s!) I still have not had my ID confirmed. Inefficient and expensive.
by  JC - January 8, 2018
Thieves. Been two months since I transferred ETH and still no luck. There is no one answering and if you check out the founder’s instagram it seems that he is blowing away my ETH value in Miami and other party cities. Be smart, don’t hand in your money to this group of thieves.
by  jacobs.mark, 1 Mar 2018
Transferred 40$ worth of Etherum to Gatehub wallet, but only received an amount of 2$ into my Ethereum Gatehub wallet. I have followed the transaction hash and was surprised to find out that the coins were fully transferred to Gatehub system, but in a matter of seconds they were automatically transferred to an UNKNOWN wallet, without my request or permission and without being registered as a transaction in my Gatehub wallet transaction History. This shows that i have never ordered the transfer and was not announced of it. No response from support staff after 3 tickets and 18 days since the event. Either if that was an error or knowingly act of stealing, Gatehub is responsible for masking it, poor funds managing and refuse to communicate . Conclusion : DO NOT TRUST GATEHUB.
by  Scirus, 24 Feb 2018
So I wanted to buy some Ripple (XRP). I sent some BTC that I had from Coinbase to Gatehub with no problem. Showed up and I traded it for XRP. Then, later I sent some BCH and more BTC. BCH never showed up and BTC came through. It has been 8 days and still have not received BCH. I have sent 4 or 5 tickets and 10+ emails and have not received a response to any. I would just like a response of some kind. \"You need to do this.\" or \"Not sure what happened, will send transaction back to Coinbase\" Anything?
by  chadparma, 24 Feb 2018