I love this site for the fact that there are a lot of trading pairs, which is a priority for me. The most important plus of this site, I think, is that you can trade here and do not be afraid for your finances, since the site has long stood on its feet and never let me down.
by  canadaalex01, 22 Mar 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
HITBTC is popular exchange and has a modern interface, nice to work. Ran into it when I had to withdraw xmr from the minergate pool, withdrawal was successful and then I also had no problems.
by  vitkarrs, 21 Mar 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
As soon as I knew about HITBTC exchange, there was no need in multiwallets. I am working at the stock exchange for more than six months, no problems arose. Minimal commissions, transaction speed is fantastic. There is rather good affiliate program, I\'m happy with it.
by  gtmarketsfx, 18 Mar 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
I agree that the withdraw fees on certain items are very high. But it\'s one of the only exchanges where I have not had any problems. I really like the fact that you can customize your layout. Also one of few exchanges where you can leave the trading window open and after 30 minutes the data is still synced correctly. I really enjoy this exchange.
by  pbzrpa, 1 Mar 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
not bad at all, I`m using there API for trading and happy with it.
by  Myles, 10. March 2018
Source: www.bestbitcoinexchange.net
Hitbtc seems to be good exchange by the way it has added a new token IOTA, if you still don\'t know then come to the exchange and watch the amount of tradings , If we see the movment then we can buy it.
by  iorik - March 22, 2018
Source: http://bittrust.org
Pretty good crypto-exchange. I\'ve been using this service for about a year now and there were no problems. I recommend!
by  Brandan - March 19, 2018
Source: http://bittrust.org
I would give negative stars if I could. The support is horrible. To start, somebody created an account on this exchange using my email. I did not click the authorize link so the account would stay disabled. Atleast i thought it should. A couple weeks later I got a \"successful login from new IP\" even though the account shouldn\'t have been accessible. I logged into this account (that I didn\'t create or activate) and changed the password as well as added 2fa. I emailed support and requested they delete the account and asked why somebody was able to login to the account. Marina from support completely dropped the ball and just said \"sorry we will make sure you get all future emails.\" I again requested that she deletes the account. Marina responded that it would be deleted in a few days. That was 2.5 weeks ago and the account is still active. If they can\'t handle a request as simple as yhis,I really don\'t trust them handling my money.
by  noclssgt, 9 Mar 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
Only reason they get one star is I cannot go lower. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM is case you didn’t catch that…SCAM! 2A login trouble out of the blue and cannot get a dang bit of help. Called there support line twice and was finally told they cannot help me that I am simply out of luck! They said I might have a chance with email support but I cannot get them to email me back at all. Everyone, make sure we get this out all over the web…Please do not give them the satisfaction of gaining any new customers!
by  Brian, 1. March 2018
Source: www.bestbitcoinexchange.net
SCAM SCAM SCAM they have stolen all my coins. Ihad some problems with login – terrible user service. DONT INVEST IN HITBTS!!!!!
by  clhaus alibi, 1. March 2018
Source: www.bestbitcoinexchange.net
Horrible exchange! High fees, unable to withdraw because of insufficient funds, when the funds are there. Stay away.
by  D. Williams - March 15, 2018
Source: http://bittrust.org