Superb platform ! Best rates and fast transaction .. Helped me make a lot of money…. woohooo
by  Mario R, 18. January 2018
I never had any problems with them… what is this exchange FUD. They work fine, one of the best.
by  Scott, 10. March 2018
I had a good experience on After opening an account, I was able to send 1 DASH token, convert it to their USDT and then buy THETA. This took me about 10 minutes. They made me wait 24 hours to withdraw since it was my first transaction, and charged me 10 THETA, about $2.21 as a transfer fee. The THETA appeared in my Myetherwallet in a few minutes. They do require multiple confirmations with google authenticator code, email code, and sms code which are annoying but do-able.
by   139B085,7 March 2018
Huobi are no good. Avoid, unless you Chiese, in which case who cares ..
by  Paul, 23. November 2017
Impossible to withdraw coins for over one week
by  Thib, 27. December 2017
i cant get my money off and the support keeps sending me useless reply’s. eg i cant withdraw because it wont let me connect my phone to my account, i contact the support and i get told to buy another phone. on the 2nd reply the tell me to use my connected phone to connect my phone. all of the emails i get off them are in chinese or have been translated in to gibberish english. they also keep talking about my “coin net” account and my “mail box” but when i ask them what these are they dont reply. i consider my funds on that site to be nothing more then lost money as i have little hope of getting it off at this stage
by  sparkes25, 13. January 2018
Do not use Houbi, a fucking shit exchange.
by  James, 15. January 2018
DO NOT USE! They took almost 12$ and still not helping me. they have exaggerating limit of deposit.and guess what, if you deposit under the limit they are taking your money. Customer support is POOR!
by  Marius, 15. January 2018
Scam exchange! The support don’t respond, telegram also or they ask 10 times the same docs like a robot. Unable to access my account or withdraw. I’m not alone in this case
by  Steve, 18. January 2018
F#$%ing sucks so much, I couldn’t withdrawal initially because my phone was not “binded to my account”, and after connecting my phone my withdrawal gets rejected once again… The reason of it being rejected was written in Chinese but the direct translation means “the trial can not be a reason” Which I have noooo idea what that means and the 24 hour support doesn’t respond to me even tho I have been “next in the queue” for the past 4 hours.. I have lost hope and hope they shove those $600 up their @ss
by  John, 24. January 2018