i just found out about IDEX and used it with no problems. i kind of like it a lot. way more than etherdelta anyway. it is fairly decentralized so you need to have your own wallet. i used it with a ledger nano s. i would be scared to give it my private key but its same as My Ether Wallet i guess. i made a new ETH wallet for IDEX to be safe and transferred everything from IDEX to my main ETH wallet also.
by  bigfish321, 27 Jan 2018
Terrible Although I did finally manage to purchase some tokens I was after the IDEX service is awful. Multiple times my coins vanished and i wasn\'t able to view them for weeks. The transfers are incredibly slow and the gas system is completely non sensical. On top of that when I asked IDEX for help with my coins which were not viewable they were unhelpful and actually quite patronising. DON\'T USE, find another exchange.
by  Luke, 18 Mar 2018
The worst , scam exchange I\'ve ever used I used this Exchange to buy blockport token. To do so I decided I was going to sell my fun fair tokens. At the time fun fair was training for around $0.06 a coin. I guess this is my fault because I figured idex would be trading for the fair market value of the coin. So I sold my phone ferret without calculating The Ether valuation. I knew before I sold them I should have ended up with about $500 worth of The Ether. It was after I sold them I realized I only ended up with about $300 worth of ether. I then did the math and realized they gave me less than $0.04 a token for my fun fair after realizing what happened I decided I was going to buy my fun fair back. But to buy it back they were charging $0.08 a token. So in conclusion this site is very much a scam and I would not suggest anybody to use it. I understand tweaking the price a little bit to make a profit, but what they\'re doing is robbery
by  Ray creath, 9 Feb 2018
By all measures, IDEX lives up to its growing reputation as EtherDelta’s more attractive little brother (perhaps little only applies to age here, as IDEX actually outranks EtherDelta by trading volume). The bi-layered transaction settlement model circumvents the same pitfalls that plague EtherDelta’s system, and it makes for a generally easier, less frustrating trading experience. Still, this model has its drawbacks, namely that it makes the exchange not completely trustless. You still control your private keys, but you’re relying on the exchange to execute trades for you, leaving the final step of the process somewhat centralized. Thankfully, the IDEX has introduced the AURA token and their new staking model to solve this issue, so expect the exchange to become even more decentralized as 2018 progresses. It’s still beholden to the Ethereum blockchain like any Ethereum-powered DEX, and at times of network trouble, users can run into problems. All things considered, however, IDEX’s design mitigates many of the issues that network congestion can cause for a DEX, and its user experience/interface is cleaner than its competition. IDEX is a rising star in the decentralized exchange space, and if you like EtherDelta but find yourself exasperated from using it, it’s definitely worth trying out.
by  Colin Harper, 21 Feb 2018
IDEX is a popular decentralized exchange that allows you to trade ERC-20 tokens with ease. It is the best alternative you can get for EtherDelta and is way better and user-friendly than ED. It is also amongst the top decentralized exchanges in terms of volume. On the first look itself, their order book looks much cleaner and you also get access to analysis tools for doing TA and charing if you like. (here are some of the official IDEX guides that can help you get started.) You can also use IDEX with MetMask or Ledger Nano S like wallets to further strengthen your security while using this exchange. The volume at the time of writing on this exchange is 360 BTC which I think is very good for a decentralized exchange with 130 cryptocurrencies/crypto assets listed on it. Note: While you register on IDEX Dex don’t ever forget to keep your back phrase/password/private keys safe because that is the only thing that will help you restore your funds.
by  Sudhir Khatwani, 3 Mar 2018