Many Bugs! But great Support! The Support ist great and always solved all issues.
by  Dan, 14 Mar 2018
I like Kraken, it is one of the most secure exchange platform, since the maintenance operation, the website is not buggy anymore, it was due to all new people coming in the game. fees are cheap, but I don\'t which one of then is the cheapest, the only thing I think is negative with Kraken is the fact that they don\'t have too many tokens choice, I\'m in the same since a year and the few token available on Kraken all skyroofed, so I guess crypo available on Kraken are good quality
by  PadenoM, 16 Feb 2018
After 2018 they became much faster, before they was disaster I was clicking 20 times to place order. Now I\'m always exchanging my bitcoins from mining through Kraken. Money gets to my SEPA account through one or two days. I don\'t think that they are bad they are sometimes only slow :)
by  Tomas Raf, 1 Mar 2018
They really step up their game isnt it ?good support ,fast transactions,margin trading ....and whats most important i had my SEPA transfer in less then 24hours on my bankaccount .Congrats Kraken team
by  blu.child, 1 Feb 2018
They used to have a mediocre reputation, but their system overhaul this Jan has been nothing but great. They are a pleasure to trade with and if you are Canadian I highly recommend them for quick 3 day EFT CAD withdrawals. Good customer service as well. They do not have the same liquidity has bigger exchanges, but more so than other small exchanges I have used and more than enough for my day tading needs. It seems like all the exchanges I use have terrible reviews on Cryptocompare, just wanted to share my positive experiences with you all..
by  espcryptobanger, 1 Feb 2018
Kraken has denied me access to my account for almost 2 months now. First it was randomly locked and i was told i needed to provide verification in order to have it unlocked. I provided the requested information and have been ignored for the last 5 weeks. I\'ve filed complaints with the BBB and FTC. The BBB has come back with no responses from the company. It appears they have stolen approximately $6k worth of crypto. I am now in the process of seeking legal council on the matter. Please let this be a very real warning to anyone considering doing business with them.
by  blink309, 3 Mar 2018
dont put money on that exchange its about to be shut down by the governement. they scam and steal your money, trading platform is full of bugs that will cost you all you have, they dont repair becaus its convienient to steal even more, dont use this
by  Jesse, 28. March 2018
Avoid Avoid, Avoid, Avoid. Do not ignore reviews against this company. If you want to lose money because the interface is so full of bugs and slow.... please be my guest. I was looking for a FIAT:crypto exchange, found Kraken ! oh the worst mistake.
by  P J, 21 Mar 2018
Professional SCAMMERS !! Stole over 25,000EU from my account using the AML as their excuse. Submitted over NINE 100% certified copies of ALL documents and proof, even with a solicitors letter, signed and stamped confirming ALL as requested. Simply ignored the lot and enjoyed spending my 25K on ???
by  Paul Walker, 20 Mar 2018
waiting for my verification Hi to everybody. My experience with Kraken is horrible, i don\'t recommend at all use that page for trading. That was my experience: I make an account the 26th of December. When you make a new account you have to wait until someone of the support verify your account. At the day of today ( 14th January ), i still waiting for my verification. I been writing at least 4 emails without answer, nobody helps me, nobody matter my situation. And the problem is that i want to trade and buy criptos but i can\'t. And the price of it dont stop growing, with the prejudice that that supposes to me. In summary I DONT RECOMMEND KRAKEN FOR TRADING. Better other pages for trading as Plus 500, eTORO or Coinbase.
by  Alejandra83, 14 Jan 2018
total SCAM stay away from kraken Open letter to the CEO of kraken Jesse Powel WARNING: before reading below letter first read and agree on the disclaimer below this letter! By replying or reacting on this letter you admit that you agreed on the disclaimer. Don’t get kraked. Jesspow your responsibility is tremendous not only to the customers of kraken but the whole BTC community (and people that got goxed) as you playing with the future of BTC and our money. Knowing and confirmed by yourself that kraken trading platform is full of bugs and errors even beyond repair you still take people’s money and think you going to get away with this, think again. You can say that is the costumers own fault, BUT…. There is a side effect! The many pending lawsuits against kraken (in silence because of obligated arbitrary procedure) will start to see the light and trigger more alarm bels on the governments side, the risk of being shut down by them is real and plausible. But on the Kraken Titanic, the band keeps playing, refuse to settle the many cases blaming the costumers, and stay open for business even with malfunctioning software bugs. You just simply cannot run business earn huge amounts of money without any responsibility or obligations no matter what your disclaimers saying, juridical kraken disclaimer is one sided and UNREASONABLE for customers, it can be annulled before court. I lost 25000$ and all claims by now reached to over millions of dollars, not because of bad trades but because of kraken malfunctioning trading platform that should be shut down instantly it is simply not working and you knew it back then and you know it now, but did not inform the users. I tried to settle this but did not get any answers from you nor your “helpdesk” which is not very helpfully at all. I am not the only one in this case and claims reach millions of dollars by now. The plaintiffs filled @ the government reached unknown limits and kraken is under investigation by them. Saying it is the customers fault to trade on kraken in the first place is bad management, you should advertise this on your website, people don’t trade here we only take your money without any responsibility our trading platform is not working and full of error and bugs but we don’t give a ***, we only want your money. Acts like this are the downfall of bitcoin and is why governments want regulations. After mtgox BTC was getting tremendous hits and people are turning their back to BTC never to return, soon BTC will be an elite club of big rich owners but there will be no more people that want anything to do with BTC., forget about wide adoption, BTC maybe will survive but It will be on a darkside in illegality run by an elite of criminals and eventually restrictions and regulations will kill it, it will tumble into obscurity and illegality. Some already think BTC is too big to fail, well think again. Soon we will see BTC tumble to 2800 $ which is still to high. So it is not bitcoin that failed it are the greedy arrogant people and badly managed exchanges, malfunctioning trading platforms hacks and thefts that killed it. One day I was a believer (and I still am in BTC) but it are the malicious exchanges and the people who run them that are responsible for its downfall. So we got goxed, kraked and darksided, BTC is on life support and kraken will give it its final blow. I hope everyone get out safely and can go on with normal life without bitcoin. Withdraw your money from these exchanges as they soon all will be shut down by the governments and with good reasons, not because of BTC but because they steal your money.. Disclaimer: because of a malfunction in my brain I can and shall not be held responsible for what I wrote.
by  cechetta, 27 March 2018
My experience with Kraken has always been poor at best, Customer service seems to purposely redirect your questions and gives you wrong answers regarding your questions, and just simply closes support tickets without confirming your issue is satisfied. I asked very specific questions they declined to answer and blamed system lag. However my questions cannot be explained with system lag, and their system always seems to “lag” right before a major crash, so trying to prevent being unable to log into my account to sell or buy at important times, the logical thing to do is to set a stop loss, which brings me to the next problems. lately I am suspecting that Kraken is using stop losses against its customers and Kraken is in fact primarily trading on their own site with bots as to manipulate your trades against you. When I asked if they bot trade on their own platform, the support ticket was simply closed with the explanation: “I do not understand your question.” Especially when it comes to stop losses, It never fails that when your stop loss is triggered it will be at the lowest possible sell point, although there were plenty of orders within a few dollars of your set stop loss sell point. Then seemingly like magic the price bumps up 1% higher and won’t budge until you set another stop loss then yes, The orders around it will disappear then they will eat your stop loss again, and all the orders around it return. Must be that system lag, right. This is the only exchange I have run into this kind of behavior. I have had stop losses come within cents and not been triggered, however on kraken BTC Price can come withing $100-$200, then all closely priced orders orders disappear, the market depth indicator gets paper thin for a nanosecond, th stop loss is triggered $100 below the set point, then the price bumps right back up and all the orders around the stop loss return with the market depth indicator recovering to similar levels as it was before. Only Kraken would know where the stop loss is placed so this isn’t trader manipulation. Its exchange fraud. I have recorded this and sent it in to the FBI, and the S.E.C. Both have informed me that they are aware of predatory manipulative behavior in trading like this and they both have active investigations regarding Kraken. PS: I forgot to include that this “System Lag” has been blamed since they started the exchange. seems like a pretty handy excuse to me, our system lags, you lose money, we earn money, you cant do anything about it.
by  zippy, 14. March 2018
Kraken has a rude attitide towards customer requests
2019-01-01 08:34:02
I registered a year in Kraken. I used this exchange, but the last month was tragedy. I search another exchange site, but the most important viewpoint is: thrustful Binance is much better than Kraken. Very low fees, thrustful site, easy usage.
by  fosterchristine, 27 Mar 2018