whatever you do.....do not send any funds to Kucoin, transactions hit the blockchain within 2 minutes like normal but Kucoin personnel or system decides many hours later that it is ok to credit your account. This used to not be the case but I am noticing that the last couple of days. I don\'t know when this became their policy since the website says 12 confirmations. (maybe they meant 12000 confirmations) I am not seeing a NEO problem since I can see the transaction on my Kucoin address in Neotracker happens in normal time.
by  0Fostermark2000
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
I spotted an arbitrage opportunity and bought BCHSV intending to transfer it to BX.IN.TH where it was selling higher but Kucoin blocked my withdrawal so I was forced to sell. The sale price was affected by bots but luckily the price had gone up a little so I came out even.
2018-12-19 13:37:52