I recently sold coins on LiteBit and they made a deposit to my bank account the same day. I am pretty sure LiteBit has a good reason to freeze a transaction, especially when an account is flagged by a bank/government. LiteBit has been around for very long and has been providing great service.
by  TheNewAnon135246, 06 Sep 2017
I have had a reasonable large amount of transactions on, and I have to say that I have never experienced any bad things. All transactions were processed extremely fast, so I have absolutely no complaints.
by  Josepht, 06 Sep 2017
have bought many coins there and all went good. never any problem.
by  smokeysmokey, 07 Sep 2017
I have tier 3 verification at and a daily limit of 35.000,00€, OK? I transfered my bitcoins from to another wallet 3 days and 12 hours ago and I still haven\'t received them. I transfered 10s of thousands of $ in an out through them without a problem, but this time something went wrong and support is obviously non existent as nobody tried to explain to me what happened or even answered to my complaint, it\'s not really \"a lot\" of money, somebody else might think it is, but because I believe it might be an honest mistake I\'m not bitching around, but waiting. But 3 and a half days, come on, WTF!?
by  serpentgawd, 23 Dec 2017
Dirty Scammers - DONT Trade with them! Choose any other Exchange! They are just a bunch of Scammers hiding behind the transactions they performed ok. So maybe they exist since 2013 or whenever, they might have 30k+ ok transactions but they also have a TON of shit flying around them! They cheated me as well, the support just keeps closing the tickets and does not react at all anymore. Therefore i\'ve handed this shit over to my lawyer to get my money back and stop them in their business! DONT EVERY USE LITEBIT!! Choose any other Exchange and it is most probably more reliable, faster and better!
by  Marco, 29 Jan 2018
Litebit is a Scam Guys do not work with this so called exchange.There are out there serious exchanges that you can use.Myself I have tried to test them with a small amount of 100 euros, trying to buy dogecoins on 13 december 2017 when the price was 0.0032 usd, so I have paid them for 32000 coins.Today is the 8th oh January and I stil did not get my coins or my money back in my account.I have tried to send them several emails and no response in 1 month already.I have submitted a request to AFM Netherlands and I will also write to the Chamber of Comerce.Even if is a small amount I do not want them to get away easy. So a bit of advice for whoever wants to use them- STAY AWAY FROM LITEBIT.EU
by  Cristi, 8 Jan 2018
Scammed by Litebite for 4499 euro My name is BENRAHHAL SALAH, I think i just been scamed by Litebite for 4499 euros. i would like to launch a lawsuit to freeze the funds against this firm, they didn\'t respond to emails to give explanations about transfers that were made. i\'m starting to become suspicious that they will take the money and run away or they invest their customer money. now i would double my 4500 if have buy crypto. to initiate this urgent legal procedure to freeze their fund a need a maximum of personnes subject to a scam of this firm. go to do police and send me you report. please for the persone how has many followers in social media try spreed the message, i did do in french luanguage as i live in France. i will take informed with the step i will take in the followers day. advise stay away from this firm. i make i wrong choice to choose a broker with less fees instand a one with high fess and good services
by  salah BEN RAHAL, 18 Dec 2017
Source: scam provide very bad customer support.very very unskilled. heard first time about the cryptocurrency bitcoin in the last week of October. I browse the website and found and I registered my details and open account. I phone litebit support staffs and they guided me procedure to send money and the verification process. Eventually went through all their requirements and got accepted for tier three verification. In the first week of November, I purchased Euro 500 of Crypto coins ripple and 1000 Euro of Bitcoin and 1000 Euro of Bitcoin cash. in the second week on date 14th November Eur10000 and purchased bitcoin cash, 15th November Eur10000 and purchased bitcoin cash, 16th November Euro 7300 and purchased bitcoin cash. I transferred earlier purchases of Euro 22000 of bitcoin to wallet and sold it for Euro 17000 and bought the BITCOIN CASH.. I had been taking to support staffs for the helps to handling cryptocurrcies. 20/11/2017 I deposited Bitcoin cash Qty:47 in the wallet provided by I login Friday into and notice emptied bitcoin cash wallet, but instead of another DASH wallet contains (74coins) and Bitcoin wallet contains (1.3Coins) I immediately contacted through phone to support staffs. They refused to take responsibility and advised me to sell and buy back Bitcoin cash. I follow up their advice and sold the DASH coins qty; 74 and Bitcoin Qtty:1.3 and bought back Bitcoin cash. I couldnt get more then 27.9BitCoin cash of total value Euro34000. Since I have contact through emails and through phone calls to staffs, CEO Kenny Rokvan and complains about lost of euro 15000 or loosing or twentity Bitcoins cash. But, they have not resolved this issue.
by  Mohammed, 6 Dec 2017