Lykke Exchange

Great crypto exchange Lykke is the single best and simples crypto exchange there is! A huge plus is the fact that there are no fees, neither in deposit nor withdrawals. More payment methods are being added, the web platform launches soon, a more simplified platform is launching currently and many more Cryptocurrencies are getting implemented as you read. With margin trading and limit orders lykke offers the most usefull tools for trading on the go.
by  Dominik, 30 Jan 2018
Lykke is the future proof Forex and crypto exchange + development at fast pace, but with an eye on security + highly experienced team (Richard Olsen ex-oanda) + very intuitive trading app + margin trading soon (Q3-Q4 2017)
by  django, 28 Aug 2017
The function of Lykke is great. The team has an efficient enterprise structure and new technology, and you will be able to become stronger and stronger.
by  shixd8899, 21 Mar 2018
I have a good experience using Lykke wallet. When I just started buying my first crypto assets I have tryed do this with and exmo. But the commision was about 6%. Then I have tryed Lykke wallet which have no commission but the price for bitcoin in Lykke was about 2% higher than on market. So I decided to use Lykke because of less loss on buying BTC and ETH. And I still using Lykke. 6 month using Lykke I can say that there is still not so much lequidity and sometimes the price for ETH changes much slower than on the market
by  adurakov, 7 Jan 2018
I really like Lykke Exchange. I have used it for a long time and are very pleased with it. Quick purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum. Quick transfer of coins to stock exchanges. Convenient use. I advise everyone. Cool Cool Cool
by  TonyLukarelly87, 7 Jan 2018
I like Lykke, is a good exchange with zero fees until now. They change their model at the moment in order to support many coins and ICOs. I have already bought LKK and I wait for the big hype of it to cash out, or hold. I think is very very undervalued and once the new platform is ready and everything its price will have huge hype. I would buy more LKK but I bought DIW which is more promising at the moment.
by  wordspavovv, 7 Jan 2018
Hi Dev/Team, Lykke is a great exchange. How hard or difficult to implement Omni based wallet and list project on your exchange like Agrs (Agora Tau), Maid (Maidsafe) or PDC (Decorum project).
by  Bannedseller, 26 Mar 2018
If its tokens are based off the BTC blockchain, then that would be a dealbreaker for me. BTC is slow and outdated; ERC or Waves would be a better choice. But, if that isn\'t the case, then Lykke might be a decent buy. Its market cap is low and they have a working (with bugs) product. I\'ll probably skip this one but it\'s not a terrible buy.
by  JetSet11, 7 Jan 2018