OKEX may seem like difficult to handle but if you do everything by the book, your are at one of the most secured Exchanges I ever experienced. It feels sometime like a game of time, to login, catch the SMS code, catch the Google Authenticator, type the second admin password... and all of that under 60 seconds. The last test was to withdraw a considerable amount of XLM. Even after proofing all security checks, E-mail confirmation and so one, at some point someone from their CS called me to verify exact amount of withdraw and last 4 digit of receiver address. This is impressive.
by  gabriel.carjea, 16 Feb 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
The customer services is absolutely appalling. Just hope everything goes perfect or your doomed. I lost £3000.00.
by  vince_towns, 16 Feb 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
Signing up goes smoothly, depositing no problem, trading excellent, but then! When I tried to log in it says my password is incorrect. Tried it 3 times, it doesnot give me acces to the account. I choose forgot password and I have to change the password in 15 minuten after that. The email form OKex comes after 30 minutes and when trying the link again a faillure for the new password. Support is messing with you. On the chat there is a que of 69 people. When it gets to about 30 you have to connect again and puts you back in line at 60+. Did this three times. So now I have 1 chance to log in and i expect never to see my INT back again. Do not use this exchange. A lot of people review the same issues!!!!
by  p.kooimans3, 17 Jan 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
This is a fake website. Don\'t invest here or you will loose all your money. I have invested 356 Euro and after that I can\'t enter my account. Even after doing forgot password and changing my password. Overtime it says your password is not correct. They just robbed my money. I have sent multiple emails to support team but they never replied.
by  AlexSantos, 10 Dec 2017
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
Be careful about OKEx. They dont let me withdraw 4.3 Bitcoins. I am trying to withdraw it for over 2 month now. But I was prohibited and my withdraws were blocked. \"We noticed that you have requested BTC withdrawal on okex. Your withdrawal will be unblocked after the phone call verification\" So I send them my new phone number and the unfreeze code ,so they can call me. After that they requested passport copies. So I sent them various copies of my passport and other requiered documents, but they suddently stopped communication with me and the withdraw options remained blocked. Finally on 18-03-05 I was able to process the withdraw on their website without giving me any reason: BTC 18-03-05 12:06:20 Withdraw -0.63150000 0.000000 BTC 18-03-05 00:54:31 Withdraw -3.68650000 0.000000 But they never send me this Bitcoins to my wallets although its marked as \"send\" on their website. After waiting several hours in their chat and trying to reach someone on telegram I got following answer: Charlie Okex Support: I have been trying to release your withdrawal But it cannot be completed Me: and now ? Charlie Okex Support: The system is not letting me complete your withdrawal Me: sounds like a technical problem. so how do you want to resolve this Charlie Okex Support: I\'m really sorry, but it is out of my control You will have to email our team at support@okex.com ME: but they dont respond And they really don´t respond on emails. So my 4.3 Bitcoins seems like being lost. They are scammer.
by  yumei, 8 Mar 2018
Source: bitcointalk.org
I registered on OKEX.com last sunday and sent my ethereum to my ether wallet on OKEX to buy some vatoms, but as soon as I sent my ethereum, the ethereum address in my Okex account changed. I contacted the support chat, and queued up for 5 hrs and eventually got to talk with guy called Alan, explaining the whole story. He asked me if I have a proof like screenshot, video...like seriously? They have my ethereum, obviously have some malicious software installed on their website, and pretending they know nothing. They stole my ethereum, worth $4000 now, they\'re not answering my emails, the person on their irish phone number never picks up....Horrible experience. Guys spread this story everywhere you can, let\'s let these crooks leave crypto world or at least warn as many people as you can. OKEX is ultimately SCAM, bunch of thieves. I will try to contact organizers from blockchain connect conference in San Fran, as the leader from Okex suppose to be there talking about their scam exchange
by  CryptoNerd78, Jan 11 2018
Source: www.reddit.com
I registered on OKEX with the intention of buying some AMM tokens. When i tried to login 2 days later, my account was non existent. Even the password reset option did not recognize my email adress. Luckily i still hadn’t sent any funds to my OKEX wallets or else my money would have been gone.
by  Choco December 21, 2017
Source: bitcoinexchangeguide.com
They are fine to me, but I only have 5% of my portfolio on OKEx Invest very small in this exchange
by  cryptodzoni, January 13, 2018
Source: bitcointalk.org
okex is very good market like hitbtc, and they don\'t support many countries, i think its better although i dont use it cause they dont support my country.
by  Aryan55, Jan 13 2018
Source: bitcointalk.org
Hi, I just wanted you all to know that I was worried about not being able to withdraw my OKEx funds too. A few tips: - Know that you won\'t be able to withdraw your funds within 24h after you have set your Admin Password and after your e-mail address has been verified! Make sure this is taken care of, before making any deposits! - Nor the \'Send SMS\' nor the \'Call me\' option worked for me for a long time. I had to try and try again and again, but finally I received SMS messages! So don\'t give up! I think the SMS server is just overloaded. - In my case, e-mails from OKEx ended up in my Spam box, so don\'t forget to check your SPAM mail! - If you can\'t login, try using your NATIONAL (instead of international) mobile phone number as a username. For me it worked WITH the leading zero. - Any number I tried to call, be it the Hong Kong number, the Irish or Canadian number... not a single one was answered. - Customer Support was worthless. Support tickets weren\'t read, the Chat function started a queue countdown, but it never reached 0 before being shut down. Despite ALL the red flags I encountered, I did manage to withdraw my funds from OKEx. Maybe the steps above can help you not to give up on your funds, because I don\'t think that OKEx is a scam, they\'re just very poorly organised. Keep trying!
by  ChronicalCrypto 01/28/2018
Source: www.forexbrokerz.com
Not a scam but not user friendly, poor support, high potential to lose your funds.To the commenters below who were locked out of your accounts, After a long and difficult and seemingly troll level back and forth with OKCoin\'s support, it appears that you will be able to recover your funds. Loging in to OKEx is difficult (and may even be designed to rob people of their funds). The email address that you signed up with is not immediately linked to your account, so password resets will be sent nowhere. You are required to login using the phone number you used to sign up WITHOUT THE COUNTRY CODE. Sound straight forward? It is not, but at least I was able to log in and get my funds out of there.
by  teedubs 12/22/2017
Source: www.forexbrokerz.com