OpenLedger DEX

OpenLedger is a blockchain based company based out of Denmark that provides decentralized solutions for the crypto market. They have a decentralized exchanged known as OpenLedger Dex which is leveraging BitShare’s graphene technology to cater its services. Opening an account on OpenLedger is quite easy as it doesn’t require any registration or KYC to start with. The only thing that you need to take care is your login password and username because that is the only thing which can help you in case something goes wrong. Your password will look something like this –P5K1qu91RAGxbc2xnH9sKvhCb31ocokr1XEKLmVXfBQFP The volume at the time of writing on this exchange is 320 BTC which I think is decent for a decentralized exchange with 125 cryptocurrencies/crypto assets pairs listed on it.
by  Sudhir Khatwani, 3 Mar 2018
Seems reliable. Offers a plenty coins. Withdrawal time is certainly top-notch.
by  Carl henderson, 25 Dec 2017
They have extremely reasonable costs – that’s just what makes OpenLedger fantastic..
by  Dale, 23 Dec 2017
Really reliable exchanging plaform, definitely mine favored!
by  Aurora, 23 Dec 2017
Interesting trading platform and I prefer to trade with them. I like OpenLedger.
by  Aracelis, 5 Dec 2017
It was very hard to become validated, support is really very slow. yet I really love affordable costs & easy to use user interface.
by  Aura, 5 Dec 2017
Very nice and respectable trading platform. They have a whole lot currencies. Trading fees are top-notch.
by  James nelson, 27 Nov 2017
Rip-off is possibly solid word, but I dislike this investing platform. I prefer to have my coins kept with USD-X….
by  Gerald cook,16 Dec 2017
I just moved from OpenLedger to USD-X, I extremely advise USD-X as it functions better for my tiny trading.
by  Susan grant, 14 Dec 2017
OpenLedger support is without a doubt wtf, particularly with their automated responds..
by  Tessa, 9 Nov 2017