jon jon 03/19/2018(0)(0) I Tried It! It\'s a Perfect Exchange Deposits: Fast Trades: Super Fast 2-FA by email: less Google Authenticator in case you lose or damage your phone! Withdrawals: you guys are only pissed off because of the word, \"Frozen\" (it may be a bad translation job since these folks HQ is located in Dubai). Frozen only means \"In Orders\", \"Being Processed\", \"Reserved\". And it takes a couple hours, sometimes half of a day. But you know how congested ETH and BTC can be sometimes! RightBTC has some hard to get coin and no google Authenticator required. My perfect exchange in my opinion. Can\'t believe some of you called it scam! NT Tran
by  NT, 9 Mar 2018
Source: https://www.forexbrokerz.com
Good use of experience, hope to get more new features.
by  Frank Su, 30 Mar 2018
Source: https://www.facebook.com
Scared me at first but NOT A scam exchange. They gave me everything back, just took 24 hours. Saw the reviews so tried with little bits of BTC and ETP and everything went smooth. Sent larger amounts and had some delay but not much only a day or so and and other transactions like less then 24 hours. I had some transfers go through in like 6 hours or less. I think they are getting better at things. Took me going to the telegram and raising some hell but it worked, I got paid out instantly. In the end I have mixed feelings but they delivered and did it fairly fast so what can you complain about in the end. I profited on the arbitrage with ETP so I will prob use again for small amounts.
by  CryptogenesisCorp, 23 Jan 2018
Source: https://www.forexbrokerz.com
I love it, they offer a wide range of crypto coins and tokens. never had any problems sending or receiving to cold storage or coinbase!! The good exchange in the world right now.
by  Pat Tsoi , 30 Mar 2018
Source: https://www.facebook.com
Scam Deposited a coin to this exchange more than 2 days ago now and my account balance is showing 0. Stay away from this place at all costs!
by  jon jon, 19 Mar 2018
Source: https://www.forexbrokerz.com
Etc transaction usually takes 10-20 mins at most , its been more then an hour still its in pending.
by  Adhiraj Singh Jodha, 30 Mar 2018
Source: https://twitter.com
Since over 1 Month i am trining to withdraw my LTC funds. Please help!!
by  Mike Odeono, 24 Mar 2018
Source: https://twitter.com
Hey guys. I withdrawed KEY coin and also LTC but still pending. My i ask why?
by  Kyle Broflovski, 19 Mar 2018
Source: https://twitter.com
BEWARE!!!! @Rightbtc_ Crappy, scam exchange. Unfortunately i didn\'t do my homework and found out to late, but it may take days, even weeks to make a withdraw over there so better to stay away!
by  debbycrypto, 7 Mar 2018
Source: https://twitter.com
Hello I’m waiting for 4 hours to make two withdraw... what’s happened?
by  Alex Pereira Mahmud, 27 Mar 2018
Source: https://www.facebook.com
Worst experience of my life with an exchange. I deposited ether just to figure out the exchange has no liquidity because no,one uses the exchange for very very good reason! So I goto withdraw my money and quickly figure out why no one uses the exchange. They charged me $5 to withdraw Ether as if they are some big exchange like Binance. Now it pisses me off paying $5 to withdraw a coin that only costs $0.03 to transfer but I could live with it and not be angry enough to go making posts. Even after paying $5 to transfer to them and then $10 to withdraw because I made 2 separate withdrawals from a misclick. I could live with the $15 and just stop using their site but no then the real kicker comes! I have been waiting 2 hours so far with my ether frozen and pending withdrawal. They seriously have the audacity to not only charge people $5 but then they have the insane greed to hold your withdrawal for days so they can send them all out in a batch and save a few more cents on each individual withdrawal. Of course it takes days for them to even batch an ether withdrawal because no one uses the site! So their are not many withdrawals happening. Now like I said I’m only at 2 hours but my google results let me know that I could very well be waiting upto a week for my withdrawal to be released! Apparently any coin you withdraw from this site will take 24+ hours to withdraw from the posts I saw! I can’t imagine who in their right mind would ever think charging $4.97 extra for a transfer and then being greedy enough to hold the withdrawal for days so that they can make $0.005 cents more per withdrawal by batching them was a good business strategy.
2018-04-17 23:07:30