DAMN just signed up today on this exchange & my deposited coins havent arived in like 12 hrs, and thats after it was \"confirmed\" on the previous exchange i sent em from. needless to the say the price the coins i wanted to trade with have long since moved forward in the market so thers no point of even having tryed to send them in the first place anyway. at this point i pray i can get my money back , ive already opened a support ticket ( an houre after this happened) and still no reply on that as well. so use CAUTION with this site seems risky , just hope i can get my coins back :/
by  koaneleven22, 8 Jan 2018
I just putted 2000 dols and then i realize that they blocked my money and now im on this trouble. If this is scam, i really hopet the administrator of this site a really really bad life, suffering cancer and cheated forever in his life. And if not scam, i really hope a fix soon, cuz its so annonying.
by  Killmepls, 9 Jan 2018
Scam Bro Don\'t put money there Read here:
by  Darooghe, 10 Jan 2018
I\'m not ready to call them an outright Scam, which would mean that I have no hope of getting my coins out, but I completely agree with Darooghe that you SHOULD NOT PUT YOUR MONEY THERE. I learned the hard way last night - the only alternative I would have had would be to purchase the coins directly from someone on Discord using an escrow service .. but I just naively thought that this exchange was working - and there are several people that I trust that have shown me they were successful - but IT\'S BROKEN , so my advice is to stay away, and take all other measures to do what you have to do without using them - at least until they can prove that they can 1) Answer support tickets and 2) make things work.
by  ico41, 13 Jan 2018
The other day I signed up and deposited some alt coins, sold them, and withdrew 0.2 BTC. Everything was slow, but it worked just fine. The following day I deposited a bigger batch of alts, sold them, and requested a withdrawal of 0.36 BTC. After a couple of hours I logged in to check on my withdrawal and they had cancelled the withdrawal and have disabled my access to my wallets. I can see the BTC sitting in my account but anytime I try to open my wallets it says \"You are disabled\". I have an open support ticket that hasn\'t been answered yet and they completely ignore you on their twitter. I recommend that you stay far away from this exchange.
by  CrownRoyal79, 10 Jan 2018
It is not safe. This exchange is most likely a scam. Do not use them!
by  JAGR8719, Jan 2018
Hi, signed up just to post about this. Whether it\'s an intentional scam or not, so far this site has only eaten $200 from me. First the deposit took several hours despite being confirmed on the blockchain. When I finally saw the eth in my wallet, I put up an order. It wasn\'t filled, the market moved on. Now I cannot cancel this order because it doesn\'t show up in the overview, it\'s been 12 hours or so. I cannot write a 2nd support ticket either (1st one being about the deposit, was never answered) because it gives me a 404 error. Lesson learned, stay with exchanges you trust. No idea if this is a scam or not, maybe they just aren\'t good at running an exchange/coding. I simply hope I get my $200 back. EDIT: After countless hours, the order eventually showed up so I could cancel it and put up a new one. So, all in all, everything on this site is slow and laggy, but right now can\'t see a scam.
by  username385135,6 Jan 2018
Been using them for dagger alt coins, and never had a problem until today. Missing two deposits, not big ones. Over 150 confirms on each, over an hour...I\'m not particularly worried, yet...given what I\'ve seen from poloniex. But, could be sign of something.
by  ivymoss,8 Jan 2018
My earlier ETH deposit took way more than 45 minutes, and traffic wasn\'t even as bad as it is now. It\'s tough to wait, but my funds did arrive. When I send ITNS there, it takes a while as well, and that network isn\'t nearly as overloaded. I think deposits there are just a little slow overall. Not many exchanges are scaling real well right now.
by  russypt, Jan 2018