Waves Decentralized Exchange

Waves Dex provides you the best of the two world’s by providing you control of your funds on the blockchain and accelerates the exchange process by using a centralized matching service. This way you get the best of both the centralized and decentralized worlds. WavesDex is a decentralized exchanged built on the Waves blockchain. It allows users to trade their BTC/ETH/etc. in exchange for Waves (or any other asset token issued on the Waves platform). The volume at the time of writing on this exchange is 187 BTC which I think is decent for a decentralized exchange with 72 cryptocurrencies/crypto assets listed on it. Note: While you register on Waves Dex don’t ever forget to keep your back phrase safe because that is the only thing that will help you restore your funds.
by  Sudhir Khatwani, 3 Mar 2018
Source: www.coinsutra.com
Very decent exchange, the support is quite fast for me so I\'m not sure why they may be slow for others. Combines the best of centralised and decentralised which basically means it has everything you need. Withdrawal times are short but unfortunately the fees are very high
by  GasAndMud, 10 Mar 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
Secure,fast easy! Waves is Future!
by  emanual1976, 22 Feb 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
The Waves DEx is great, it combines best of both worlds. Centralised matching with settlement on the blockchain. The new version is very impressive and WavesNG keeps surprising me with its speed. And the partnerships which are being formed (and will be using the platform) are second to none. Waves truly is a sleeping giant.
by  C91D5F73, 22 Feb 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
User-friendly, really fast, convenient withdrawals and deposits.
by  KHMT, 22 Feb 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
I use it daily, a lot of trading opportunities even on low volume pairs (if you have enough patience) it\'s easy to make money in there, no lame 0.15/0.25% fees, just 0.003 WAVES per operation. TOP!
by  mavoledo, 22 Feb 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
Simple and productive
by  pero007, 22 Feb 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
Best Decentralized Exchange .
by  tsddaniil, 22 Feb 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
Really cool platform. Feels very futuristic. It\'s so fast you wouldn\'t even think it\'s running on blockchain technology! Definitely the leader when it comes to decentralized exchanges!
by  bjorn.lestrud, 22 Feb 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
The wavelite app allow people to create their own tokens and trade within the Waves Decentralized Exchange (WDE). So people create a worthless token and named it Bitcoin, Litecoin, Wavecoin, you name it, any coin you can buy at the market, and sell in in the platform at a lower price. I bought it and found out it`s the fake Bitcoin. I complained to system administrator. They just reply to me that people can do whatever they want at WDE and they won`t do anything about it. And I have no chance to get the money back. I even suspected that those fake coins were created just by WDE administrator. They are cheating people`s money. I need some advice what I can do next? Could I sue them? Or is there anywhere else I can complain to? At least to spread this information out . Don\'t let more people fished by them. I keep all the information about the trading information and conversation with the WDE administrator.
by  gsemep, 22 May 2017
Source: bitcointalk.org
Had problems registering in this platform. Support works incredibly slow. Do NOT recommend it.
by  LikaSambo, 8 Mar 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
I\'ve been using this exchange for the last 2 months, they have a fast web UI but terrible API description and their support takes a little to long to answer.
by  AliTheExchanger,12 Mar 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com