Yobit is not a scam, they just are having serious trouble with providing support on time. It\'s the perfect exchange for trading small coins.
by  debuni, 18 Jan 2018
Source: bitcointalk.org
Works well for me.
by  joshgrate, 13 Mar 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
This exchange is mostly fraudulent. 60% of wallets are locked
by  supercoinprofits, 24 Mar 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
Stole 2k + from me today. I bought 300000paccoin when it was at .0001 it went up to 1 penny they moved some decimals around and left me with 300 pac left. complete thieves
by  arainaadi, 24 Mar 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
Yobit is a scam I suggest everyone should stay away from them because their operations are skims to rob people off their cash. i exchanged my BTC for DGD token only to realize that their the prices were manipulated. Where 1 DGD was 0.03BTC on other exchange sites, they were exchanging 1DGD for 0.00003 BTC as selling price and 1DGD for 0.00004DGD as buying price. This was clearly to lure people like me into buying at a fake price and when you also try to sell back you will loose your money to fake rates and to exchange fees. The worse to all of this is that they disable your wallet with the excuse that your wallet is under Maintenance such that you can not withdraw your coin onto other profitable wallets. Their Support services does not respond to anything. i tried to get some feedback from the Devs and they had no idea what maintenance is going on
by  08198, 15 Feb 2018
Source: www.forexbrokerz.com
DONT put any money in this exchange I put a very small amount of money into this exchange. The equivalent to 300 USD. By the time i was done with my trade i was left with the equivalent of 113 dollars in alt coins. That 113 dollars got me 1000000 DIME and 1395000 PAC. when I got back on the site there was only 1395. shares of PAC and my DIME was in tact. I traded all for Ether and was going to move to a legit exchange lke bittrex or gemini. It would not let me withdraw the money. This is a shady, dishonest, or at best extremely flawed exchange platform which takes money and when you try to move it to another exchange they wont let you.
by  scott, 3 Mar 2018
Source: www.forexbrokerz.com
the pricing is horrible on YoBit because the volume is usually 1/4 or less than other exchanges. The price ends up being higher.
by  blackcardmusic, Jan 2018
Source: www.reddit.com
Yobit only answers the tickets they feel are easy and will not include them paying someone. They are straight out theives.
by  gstant1, 17 Mar 2018
Source: bitcointalk.org
yobit is scam, i\'ve 4 times deposit erc20 token, not show on my balance, untill now
by  Ngonline, 12 Mar 2018
Source: bitcointalk.org
Scam. Claim they haven\'t got updated wallet from xng team, while xng team say they gave the correct info 6 month ago and the update at that time was only graphical, so it had no effect on the wallet functionality. YoBit still leaves the wallet address up, so you can deposit, but your funds will be gone if you do.
by  dontscam, 21 Mar 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
Stole 20k + from me today. I bought 1.6 million paccoin when it was at .0001 it went up to 1 penny they moved some decimals around and left me with 1611 pac left. complete thieves sick to my stomach hoping they fix this problem and it’s a logistics error
by  tvancini, 16 Mar 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
This exchange is probably run by criminals. Coins get stuck, the exchange is FULL of scammers. The admins do not answer tickets, on twitter, or anywhere else. They ban you from the chat if you ask for help. This exchange is the worst Ive ever seen. I hope the russian authorities close them down and put them all in jail forever. I lost crypto worth 1000 usd to these scammers.
by  fugge32, 13 Mar 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com
I am an user of YObit InvestBox. It offers daily 5% or even daily 10% for your invest. All you have to do is wait 24 hours and play DICE game for at least 5 times. You can cancel your invest at any time and call back your investments. I bought 0.1 BTC worth of LIZA coins. Under 12 hours my account was closed. Now i keep on getting these errors (since 13.2.2018): [color=red]Invalid login or password.[/color] [color=red]You cannot log in now. Please try again later or contact our Support Team.[/color] [color=red]Temporarily disabled[/color]. Now \"funny\" part is that i can not play DICE so i am not getting my daily payments. Price of the LIZA will be dropping 10-30% daily. Please listen to my warning about this exchange! This exchange can work well for a months with the small amount of money (under 1 ETH). Right after you start to trust them and raise your deposits, it is more likely that they will rob you. This exchange need to be closed and blocked as soon as possible for our savety!
by  plaakkon1, 24 Feb 2018
Source: www.cryptocompare.com