Money transferred for nearly a week, still my Bitflyer account is not credited I wired my first deposit to fund Bitflyer account. After several emails, still haven’t got a response from bitflyer. My account still have not yet credited. Not very impressed with their customer care.
by  Venessa, 14 Dec 2018
BitFlyer Rates are a Scam and an outright lie I went through their really obtuse setup procedure (that goes against everything bitcoin is about but whatever) and I bought 50,000yen each of BTC and ETH with a credit card, where they assured the fees were FREE. As I went back to my account I saw immediately that I had lost 15,000 yen of the value (15% of my trade). I emailed them about it and they said that they use a special rate for credit card transactions that they don\'t tell the consumer, and that its my responsibility to check how much BTC I\'m getting when I do the trade THROUGH THEIR EXCHANGE THAT SAID THE FEES ARE FREE. This is classic bait and switch, and is not explained ANYWHERE on their website. False advertising and a scam, I\'ll be reporting this to the authoritie
by  Cal, 12 Jul 2018
"Misplaced" funds, this is terrible, do not trust these people at all, glad I only put in a small amount.
by  PotOfGreed, 13 Mar 2018
A purchase of Ethereum cost me 320,000 yen and became 268,000 with a single click. As the price applied was not visible anywhere, and the spread from the purchase price and the sale price was 39,930 to 33,400. How is this permited, I dont know.
by  mbrs01, 26 OCT 2017