Been using ezbtc now for a few days, currently no complaints, everything seems to work smoothly, have a pending transaction to move alt coin to wallet anx once that happens i\'ll have tried the mojority of the sites abilities. I.e. verification? Funding, wallet withdrawl. All good so far.
by  Brian84, Dec 2017
Source: https://coinforum.ca
I’m with ezbtc,so far so good.I got some xrp at $1.61 cdn.Buy and hold for me.
by  Orthofab,4 Jan 2018
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Just started using ezBtc, and both funding my account and purchasing alts went smoothly!
by  Wyatt Hicks, 7 Mar 2018
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I sent an Interac e-transfer January 17 and its still not showing up in my account balance. Sent email and chat message 3 days ago and still no response. Called them up and voice recording says no phone support for now. Not very reliable. I am stull waiting for anyone to reply or contact me and tell me when they will process my deposit.
by  Allen Chan, 27 Jan 2018
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Worst Exchange Ever Take from transfer, prices higher than market for buying and lower than market for selling, they take a massive cut from each. Over $30 fee to withdraw a couple hundred dollars worth of overpriced coins to an offline wallet/other exchange.
by  david, 13 Jan 2018
Source: https://www.forexbrokerz.com
I gave a shot to EzBTC but didn\'t like it very much. However, for people only interested in HODL, I think this is a better alternative to Coinbase (4% fee ...). Overall, it\'s a good platform with a very reactive customer support, but the orderbook is overpriced; especially for alts. I believe they are about to release a new version of their Alts product, since you can\'t trade pairs as of now. It will probably help a lot.
by  jackas, 7 Feb 2018
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